Eating out and dining near the Hideaway

Local places we know.

We will tell you about our favorite restaurants nearby in this Guide.

For a gourmet Italian experience, you should head "Over the Hill" to Beto's Italian Bistro. Located at 2325 Kuehner, in Simi Valley is 6 miles via Box Canyon and 8 miles via Topanga and the 118. This is definately one of our favorites and they offer a Monday night dinner for 2 preset menu special!

We just love Sushi. One of our favorites is Honshu at 10166 Mason. It's quiet at a table and the Yellowtail Collar appetizer and Heart Attack rolls are the best! We also love Hikari all-you-can-eat Sushi at 21230 Devonshire. The Nichelle rolls are to die for! For a great and authentic Japanese meal, head to USA Sushi, at 9800 Topanga; it's the most intimate, closest and the most pricey of these three recommendations.

For fun and Mexican food, Los Toros at 21743 Devonshire, is a long standing and colorful restaurant with 2 bars and complete Mexican menu. From 6:30a.m. to 3 p.m. Nat's West Cafe is great for brunch. For a breakfast order big enough to split in 2 go to Country Deli, 9901 Topanga, where you will also find many options for American and International style lunches and dinners.

There are also numerous chain restaurants nearby and take out at Ralphs and Vallarta Markets.

Across the valley, for real "Dining" there are Roy's Fusion Hawaiian 6363 Topanga, (we splurged at Roy's the night we closed on our house!) Fleming's 6373 Topanga, Morton's 6250 Canoga, and Monty's 5371 Topanga. The latter 4 being steak houses. Right in that part of Woodland Hills (6 1/2 miles away) there is a lovely mall called the Village with numerous date night options!

Sometimes going out from here and living it up just makes it all the more enjoyable when you get back to the quiet and private Hideaway. If you order food for delivery, the services can be met at the gate.

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