The American Fish Company

150 Yacht Basin Drive, Southport, NC

While not a restaurant, the American Fish Company is the place to go and to be seen late afternoons to sunset. A private club at the end of the yacht basin (with a $2 membership fee) only serves drinks. Go there to watch the most beautiful sunsets and chances are, you will see a dolphin or two playing in the water. The place gets crowded and seats can be hard to get, but the general sway and vibe of the place will keep you standing. Note: My understanding is that persons under 21 are not admitted after sunset, but that may not be accurate. Please check before arriving with minors.

American Fish Company- Southport's Best Bar
Best place to drink in Southport, NC and the best bar in Southport. Located In the heart of the Yacht Basin, Enjoy great views, breezes and the best nightlight in Southport.

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