Is your listing Houfy verified?

Dec 10, 2018

Please review your Houfy listing to see if you have a green checkmark

  • Add your Airbnb or VRBO link at menu > edit listing > verifications - We do not show these links on your listing, they are ONLY used for verification purposes.

80-90% of VRBO/AIRBNB listings are verified. No need for Houfy to ask for further docs

  • Or: Add your homepage/Facebook/other link where we can match your name.

We do NOT accept links from other marketplaces for verification purposes..

If you believe you should have been verified, please e-mail us: with your listing number.

Thank you!

The Houfy Team

Apr 01, 2019

How would I add a link to my VRBO listing or ABB listing? The GUI only allows me to link my FB or/and my google account which I don't want. My FB and Google accounts are personal and have nothing to do with my rental. My VRBO and ABB listing do but there's no way to add them for verification purposes. However I did sync the VRBO and ABB calendars. Doesn't this mean verification?

Apr 02, 2019

Hi Adriana, at edit listing > verifications you should be able to add your vrbo or airbnb link. Syncing calendars doesn't count for verification. If you need help, please e-mail us: (Personal facebook/Google accounts are personal and not needed for listing verification)

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