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How to create a guidebook and add to your Houfy listing(s)

We suggest you to first read this document in its entirely before starting to write a story or crate a guidebook.

Houfy is a new concept called a market network. Market networks combine elements of social sites with marketplaces. (Think Facebook/Pinterest/Twitter combined with Airbnb/VRBO/Zillow/Realtor)

What and How to create a Guidebook? A Guidebook is a collection of stories.

Stories about restaurants, breakfast places, cheap eats, top restaurants, nearby restaurants etc. can be collected into a guidebook (Restaurants) You could make another guidebook about activities nearby.

The stories can be saved/bookmarked to a guidebook.

How to create a guidebook:

First option:

Click on your avatar/pic, select: Guidebooks & Click on Create a guidebook
Click on your avatar/pic, select: Guidebooks & Click on Create a guidebook

Second option:

With this
With this "Bookmark/Add" button you can add posts to guides

Remember: A Guide is a collection of Stories.

How to add a guidebook to my listing?

Menu > My Listings > Guidebooks

If you have any questions, please ask below.

Thanks Thijs.

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