Cancellation Policy Template

Feel free to use any/all parts of these refund policies:

Cancellation Policy 1 - Moderate

Due to the nature of the vacation rental business, we cannot accept cancellations occurring later than 45 days to the arrival date. You will forfeit all sums paid unless we are able to re-rent the property, in which case we will refund an amount equal to any subsequent rental less a $100 handling fee. If a cancellation occurs prior to 45 days to arrival, full refund will be issued less a $100 handling fee.

Cancellation Policy 2 - Strict

How it appears to a traveler in Houfy traveler checkout:

Cancellation Policy Template

Below is how it appears in the actual rental agreement that is sent after I have accepted the booking. I strongly recommend obtaining the signature of the credit card holder very close to the cancellation policy. This is in addition to the credit card holder's signature at the bottom of the agreement.

Cancellation Policy Template

Note: the cancellation policy and trip insurance are two separate sections in my rental agreement as shown in the screenshots.

Cancellation Policy Template

Copy/Paste text below to format

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation policy is NO refunds. Once dates are taken off the market, they become unavailable to other renters. With owner approval, guest may find a replacement renter or gift their dates (not future dates) to someone else. Guest MUST cancel the original reservation before owner will assist in trying to rebook the dates. Owner is under no obligation to find a replacement renter. I acknowledge and understand the Cancellation Policy:

Signature: ___________________________________________________

Trip Cancellation/Interruption Insurance

It is highly recommended guest purchase trip cancellation/interruption insurance in case of family emergencies, funerals, bad weather delays, flight/rental car cancellations, job loss, snow/ice, Covid-19 bans/restrictions, early departures, etc. If you live in an area prone to hurricanes, forest fires, etc. and cannot make your trip, please seek reimbursement through your travel insurance.

NO refunds are given unless there is a mandatory evacuation in our area. Please check what travel insurance your credit card may offer. You can also visit

I acknowledge I am responsible for purchasing my own travel insurance:

Signature: ___________________________________________________

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