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Since the early '800 Sorrento was the place of refined culture and elegant resort town meeting, there stayed poets and writers such as Byron, Keats, Goethe, to name a few; who drew inspiration from the landscape, the colors and flavors.

At the end of the XIX century Enrico, “Errico” Tozzoli, knight and lettered, built the palace to be the manor house on the adjacent citrus grove of about two hectares, full of citrus, ancient olive trees, walnuts, medlar trees and other flowering plants that frame the majesty of this strip of land Sorrento nowadays.

During the Second World War (end of 1943-beginning of 1944), the whole building was confiscated and occupied by the American soldiers moving forward to the North, who made it their headquarters.

In the Seventies, the house was completely refurbished and renovated inside, maintaining unchanged the imposing, typically Sorrento style of the external bearing structure, entirely made of tufa.

The building maintained over the time its unique and solid features.

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Last modified: 4 years ago
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