House Manual for Sand Castle Drive

Thank you for choosing Sand Castle Drive for your summer beach vacation on Cape Cod! Below are some helpful tips about our cottage. For house rules, policies and amenities, please refer to our listing

House Manual for Sand Castle Drive


Pillows, sheets, bed linens and both bath and beach towels are among the amenities provided, however let us know if you prefer to bring your own so we can conserve laundry. We also have two adult bikes, (nothing fancy and no helmets) please indicate if you will not be using them and we will put them away to give them a break from the elements.

House Manual for Sand Castle Drive


Feel free to arrive anytime after 12 noon on the date you are scheduled to check-in. The lock box code will be sent to you via text message the morning of your reservation.

  1. To enter the cottage, locate the lock box to the left of the front door before you go up the steps - in between the outdoor shower and grill.
  2. It is inside the grey electrical outlet cover attached to the house. Pull the cover down and you will see a combo lock.
  3. Rotate the knob to the left until you reach the first letter, then rotate it to the right, passing the second letter once, then stop on the second letter. Next rotate it to the left stopping on the final letter.
  4. Pull down on the black tab at the top of the lid to expose the key. Replace the lid and push the black tab up.


  • Network: maloney_sandwich
  • Password: est.2019


A copy of the house manual will be available at the cottage. Below are some things you should know:

  • Friday night put the outdoor trash barrel at the end of our parking area, behind your car. This gets picked up early Saturday at 6am. You will receive a reminder on Friday night. Failure to do so will result in an additional $50 charge. Indoor trash is located under the kitchen sink. When the small bins fill, bag the contents and put it into the larger outside bin.
  • Only flush the provided toilet paper to keep our septic system happy. A plunger is located under the sink.
  • Avoid tracking sand into the house by using the hose to rinse feet after the beach.
  • On the bathroom shelves is extra toilet paper, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and a shower loofah. In the vanity drawers you will find first aid supplies and a hair dryer. Household items such as batteries, light bulbs, scissors etc. are in a kitchen drawer.
  • Be cautious of poison ivy in the seagrass and stay on the path. Coastal dunes are protected and we try our best to treat the area but oil from the plants can remain.
  • Since there is no cable TV, feel free to use the provided HDMI cord and adapters to hook up your personal electronic devices in order to steam your favorites on the big screen.
  • To access the canal via bike, ride south on Phillips Road until you reach the dead end. Enter the dirt path through the woods until you reach a parking lot. Scusset Beach Reservation is to your left and towards the right you will see an open field and playground. Go straight until you see a boardwalk and proceed up the boardwalk to the canal.
  • Ants love the beach too, please be diligent about picking up crumbs, especially in the kitchen and patio to discourage their stay.
  • Small cook fires are permitted on our beach below the high tide line. Please purchase your own wood and ensure that the fire is completely extinguished with a bucket of water and not just buried with sand. A bucket is located near the bulkhead door.


  • During your stay, wash your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer with at least 70% alcohol.
  • When cleaning dishes, wash dishes as you normally would with soap and water then soak in hot water and bleach for 10 minutes. Rinse and let air dry.
  • If you or a member of your party becomes sick, or comes in contact with anyone potentially exposed to the virus COVID-19, please let us know so we can take extra safety precautions.


Check-out is before 12 noon on Saturday. Before you check out, please do the following:

  • Put all items back where you found them.
  • Remove all of your belongings, including food and beverages.
  • Empty all remaining trash into the outdoor bin.
  • Wash and sanitize dirty dishes.
  • Close and lock all doors.
  • Replace the key in the lock box and twist the knob to scramble the code.
  • If you check out earlier than 12 noon, please send me a message so we can begin cleaning.
  • Don't forget to leave a public review on Houfy so other guests know what to expect!

Since our cottage is still new to us too, please tell us directly if you notice something weird or have feedback so we can make improvements to ensure all guests have a 5 star experience.



Sand Castle Drive ~ Oceanfront with Private Beach
Sand Castle Drive ~ Oceanfront with Private Beach
Sandwich, MA, United States
2 Bedrooms • 1 Bathroom
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