There is a saying that once your feet touch Jekyll's sand you will always return. If you have never been to our golden island this is your guide to learn a bit about us. It is a place of history and a place for set aside for Georgia residents and Georgia visitors to enjoy.Our other guides describe
The entire island is a Georgia State Park. Jekyll Sandpiper Vacation Renters will be surrounded by nature, with opportunities to see birds, dolphins and alligators. The Georgia Sea Turtle Center will give you a chance to be up close with the turtles. And Tidelands Nature Center gives visitors a view
Beaches, abundant nature and outdoor recreation are among Jekyll Island's Attractions. But Jekyll Sandpiper Vacation Renters will find the island also offers our visitors a rich history and a view of our nation's past. Visit a tabby house ruin from the 1740s. Or spend an afternoon touring
The fun begins as soon as you cross the bridge onto the island. Jekyll offers miles of beaches and bike paths. Fishing, golfing, kayaking, tennis, hiking and beach volleyball await visitors to Jekyll Sandpiper Vacation Rentals.
We specialize in a large space allowing your group to come together under one roof while still feeling you have ample areas to make your own. Jekyll Sandpiper Vacation Renters can enjoy multiple outdoor spaces, catch a game on the large screen TV or cook in our fully equipped kitchen.
Jekyll Island will always be a place where families are welcomed and embraced. Many of the activities on the island are kid and Family friendly. But here are some activities that will be particularly popular for our younger Jekyll Sandpiper guests.
The fun begins as soon as you cross the bridge onto the island. Jekyll offers miles of beaches and bike paths. Beachcoming, birdwatching, hiking and walking await visitors to Jekyll Sandpiper Vacation Rentals.
Follow us at for more photos of Jekyll Island and Jekyll Sandpiper cottage. One third of the photos their are taken inside Sandpiper or on our property, the rest are views from around Jekyll Island.
Try one of our local restaurants or order pizza delivery. Sometimes a vacation calls for time off from cooking. Jekyll has both casual and fine dining options. As well as pet friendly outdoor seating at some establishments. Our dining guide will give you an idea of the prices and types of eating establishment.
Sometimes its about the water, sky and early morning quite sounds of the sea, with the hope of a bit of action as the fish takes the hook. Shore fishing, salt water ponds, fishing at the pier or charter fishing are all options for Jekyll Sandpiper renters. Or perhaps you might like to try seining or
Jekyll is home to a large variety of turtles. Many of them can be viewed at the Georgia Sea Turtle Center and the Tidelands Nature Center.
Collection of video recordings taken on Jekyll Island. The turtles are so cute! See what a Sandpiper looks like as they feed along the shore line.
Our screened porch is a wonderful place to listen to the rain and Jekyll Sandpiper renters are likely to find that thunderstorms are short lived. Just wait and the sun is likely to be shining in no time. But on those days where the rain just wont stay away try one of these activities.
Renting a home can make your vacation experience so much nicer than staying at a hotel. But it pays to do your do diligence. Here you will find information to help in your vacation rental search. We certainly hope Jekyll Sandpiper Vacation Renters book without extra booking fees.
Online information that will help Jekyll Sandpiper vacationers imagine and plan their adventure on our island. Viewing these websites will draw you to Jekyll's sandy shores.
Turtles, history, kayakng, charter fishing, tennis, golf, nature, arts ... all camp choices for Jekyll Sandpiper Vacation renters. Some camps include a trip to Summer Waves Waterpark!
Where can I buy groceries? How about souvenirs or fishing equipement?
Jekyll is home to many birds, with some of our visitors come largely to focus on bird watching across the island. Lydia Thompson, our local bird expert, lists over 270 birds that Jekyll Sandpiper renters might see.
Many beaches and some island establishments allow dogs. Many dog breeds are welcome at Jekyll Sandpiper Cottage.
The contacts to help Sandpiper Vacation renters plan that special event. All events, parties, anniversaries, weddings that are held at Sandpiper must be pre-approved. Please contact us we are willing to guide you toward a memorable event.
Find a church service or a wedding chapel.
Why you should consider travel insurance? What happens if a member of your party becomes ill? When bad weather approaches how will it affect my vacation?
Here we will recommend a few good places. Vacation rentals we have enjoyed or service companies that have been good to us. Jekyll Sandpiper renters should read reviews before proceeding, as your needs might differ from ours.
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