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Jávea is the neighbor town of Moraira 20 minutes drive
Calpe is the Neighbor town of Moraira 27 min drive
The beaches in the direct vicinity of Moraira / Benissa Costa
A chiringuito (in Catalan called a guingueta, or, by influence of Spanish, a xiringuito) is a small enterprise, usually a bar, selling mainly drinks and tapas, and sometimes meals, in a more or less provisional building, often on a beach or loose surface where a more permanent structure may be inviable.
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Several Golf Courses, 9 or 18 holes, are close to MiCasa-Benissa, Penthouse-Moraira and MiDominio-Moraira.The average driving times in minutes from MiCasa, Penthouse and MiDominio to the Golf Resorts are:Club de Golf Ifach Benissa 7 minClub de Golf Jávea 15 minDénia La Sella Golf Resort & Spa 27
Can you ? - Imagine to go Skiing in Spain ? Well, there are some great ski resorts here. Check them out !