Below please find a list of things, which we enjoy doing while staying in Algajola.


  • You do not have to go far. Aregno Plage is 400 m away and this is one of the best beaches on Corsica.
  • Snorkelling from the rocks at the northeast end of Aregno Plage. This is an ideal spot as you can go into the water from the sandy beach and swim along the rocks, where there are thousands of fish and even small octopuses.
  • The rocks around the fortress of Algajola are also good for snorkelling with plenty of fish.
  • When the wind is strong, and the waves are high there is nothing like body-surfing at Aregno Plage. It is possible to rent everything for water sports on the beach: Windsurfing boards, SUP’s, body boards, water skis and scooters, kayaks – just as the diving school is located at the beach itself.
  • Just South of Calvi (a few kilometres) if you follow the coastal road towards Porto you come to a very beautiful beach in Golfe de la Revellata. You can descend by car, but if you do not dare to challenge the bumpy non-paved road, you can park on the top and walk down. While being there you should visit Notre Dame de la Serra.(***) from where there is a breath-taking view of the Calvi bay – and in clear weather even Cap Corse.
  • The beach in the Calvi bay (in the Pinedes forest) is very friendly to small children. There are plenty of beach bars, and tennis courts can be rented in the tennis club.
  • Ile Rousse also has a very nice beach, but as it is in the centre of the town it tends to get rather crowded in the high season. The town itself is definitely worth a visit too.
  • Approximately 6 km further north of Ile Rousse you find the spectacular white sandy beach of Ostriconi.
  • It is strongly recommended to visit the little town Galeria (*), which has another spectacular beach covered by fine, black pebbles. Galeria is 45 km away from Algajola and can be reached by car in 40 min. when taking D81 (past the airport). At the beach it is possible to rent kayaks and paddle up in the delta of the Fango River, which has a very rich wildlife and fauna.
  • While in Galeria you should take a drive approximately 8 km up along the Fango River (*). Park whenever you can just after you have passed the little community called Tuarelli and seek a way down to the river. Here you will find deep pools of crystal-clear water and plenty of rocks from where you can jump into the river. If you do not suffer from motion sickness and are not in a hurry the coastal road back to Calvi is very, very beautiful. Otherwise take D81 back again.
  • You can find similar fantastic river pools in the Asco River (ca. 45 min. away in a car).

Towns and villages in Balagne you should visit:

  • Calvi (14 km). Visit the old citadel and watch the yachts at the posh harbour front. Continue up to see the view from Notre Dame de la Serra.
  • Ile Rousse (8 km) - visit the market in the morning with fresh fish, sausages and many other specialties. It is also worthwhile to walk out to the lighthouse on the red islands, which have given the name to the city. The view up and down the coast is fabulous from here.
  • Pigna (try the sunset from the small ecologic café, Casarella or a lunch at U Palazzu or Casa Musicale). Pigna has at least 10 “Artisan-shops” with pottery, paintings, jewellery, musical toys, delicateses etc.
  • St. Antonino (La Voute serves excellent Pizzas for lunch).
  • Corbara. There is a small chapel in Corbara from which there is a magnificent view of the coast (follow the signs to “Chapelle Notre Dame de la Sept Douleurs” when you are in Corbora).

Longer (car) trips:

  • Roundtrip to the small villages of Balagne (***). Especially St. Antonino (*) and Pigna are worth visiting.
  • Trip to Calvi via Aregno – Cateri – stop to admire the view over the Calvi bay when you cross the ridge - Zilia (visit the Alzipratu winery) – Calenzana.
  • Trip to Corte (70 km, approximately 1 hour away from Algajola). Corte is Corsica’s old capital. It has a very cosy old and charming citadel and a historical museum. While being there drive ca. 15 km up the Gorge de la Restonica and take a refreshing swim in one of the many natural pools of the river. Stop at Bergerie Grotelle for a refreshment and enjoy the rare décor of the place.
  • Trip to St. Florent through the Agriate Desert (57 km, 1 hour 15 minutes away from Algajola). Stop when you pass Col de Lavezzo and admire the view of the mountains of Corsica as well as Cap Corse.
  • You can combine a trip to St. Florent with a visit to Bastia. In this case continue up through Patrimonio, where you can stop for wine tasting and over the ridge of Cap Corse via N. 199. The descent towards Bastia offers a magnificent view of the lagoon south of Bastia. From Bastia it will take you 1 hour and 20 minutes to get back to Algajola via N.193.
  • Alternatively, you can continue from St. Florent up along the West coast of Cap Corse. You can make a complete tour of Cap Corse and back to Algajola in one day, but you should be willing to spend the best part of a day in the car. A bit North of Nonza you pass “Auberge au chat qui peche” which would be a good spot for a coffee break with a stunning view. Centuri Port (ca. 3 hours driving time from Algajola) is very charming, has lots of restaurants (famous for lobsters) and would be a good choice for a lunch break.
  • If you are not up to the hole tour de Cap Corse just go up to visit Nonza and turn around here and go back the same way. This will already have given a fair impression of the beauty of Cap Corse.
  • The bay of Porto and Girolata is protected as world heritage by UNESCO and reported as being among the 30 most beautiful coastal areas in the world! (83 km, 2 hours and 30 minutes from Algajola via D.81). It is proposed to continue inland rather than going back along the coast. Continue via Evisa, Foret D’Aitone (stop here and take a very short walk down to see the waterfalls), Col de Vergio, Golo-canyon, Ponte Leccia and back to Algajola. This round trip (219 km) requires that you spend 6 hours driving, so you need to set a full day aside for this trip. The trip is never the less highly recommended, as it takes you through some of the most beautiful sceneries of Corsica.

If you decide to spend a night in Porto the following local activities are recommended:

  1. Renting a Dinky and sailing along the coast either south or north depending on the wind.
  2. To continue a bit further South to visit Piana. This trip will take you through Corsica’s most strange mountain formations called Les Calenche.
  3. If time allows continue from Piana on D. 824 to Plage d’Arone – a nice sandy beach. There are magnificent views of Corsica’s highest mountains and the Porto Gulf from out here.
  4. To get a ride up to Evisa (taxi or bus) and then hiking down through the Spelunca canyon to Ota. The hike itself will take 1½ -2 hours and the river offers refreshing pools just before you get to Ota.
  5. Bonifacio (215 km, 3 hours and 30 min. from Algajola) is absolutely also worth a visit, but to get there requires spending 7 hours in the car. The fastest route is via Ponte Leccia, Corte and Aleria. If you have the time a detour (2 more hours) over Col de Bavella is recommended. Alternatively, Porto Vecchio is also worth a visit. One of Corsica’s most famous and beautiful beaches, Palombaggia is found just south of Porto Vecchio.
  • Ajaccio (152 km, 2 hours and 15 min. from Algajola via Corte). Instead of taking the car you could take the train from Algajola to Ajaccio. It is certainly not faster – but it is an unforgettable experience! You can get on the train in the morning at 7:22 (according to the 2017 summer table, check time table here:, change train in Ponte-Leccia 9:01 and end up in Ajaccio around 11:48. The train returns from Ajaccio ca. 5 hours later at 16:35 bringing you back in Algajola at 20:58.
  • Bastia (95 km via Ponte Leccia, 1 hour and 20 min. from Algajola) (77 km via St. Florent, 1 hour and 45 min. from Algajola).
  • If you do not have a car the train from Algajola will take you to for instance Calvi, Ile Rousse, Bastia, Corte and even Ajaccio (if you have a full day to spend). The train ride is an experience in itself!

Local jogging & walking:

  • It is possible to jog or walk along the coast both in the direction towards Ile Rousse and Calvi.
  • If you go west in the direction of Calvi you can either follow Avenue du Port down to the small port. If you follow the road all the way to the beach in the bottom you get to a small path (keep left of the last house on the road) leading back up across the train tracks and up to the road.
  • You can also continue all the way to the marina of Sant Ambroggio (8 km roundtrip). In this case, you should also follow Avenue du Port in direction of the small port for a short while. Immediately before you meet the first house on your left hand you will find a small path leading along the coast through the maquis all the way to Sant Ambroggio. When you have walked past the first houses in Sant Ambroggio bear right when you see a red dot on a stone and find your way down to the beach via a network of footpaths between the houses. There is a café and a nice restaurant in the marina where you can have lunch or just a refreshment. It is highly recommended to extend this hike and go all the way to Punta di Spanu – an exceptional natural reserve with a splendid view over Calvi bay and the high mountains (15 km roundtrip from Algajola).
  • If you go North in direction of Ile Rousse, you can follow the road going through L’Escale and running in parallel to Aregno Plage. When the road stops (at restaurant A Rotta) you can continue on a number of paths leading through the maquis all the way to Marine de Davia. You can also follow the yellow dots and take a right turn into the maki a bit before you get to A Rotta. After passing through Marine de Davia you can continue along the coast passing first Ghjunchitu beach and then Bodri beach. Both beaches have fine white sand, turquoise shallow water and beach bars where you can get refreshments. From Bodri you can continue along the rocky coast. Just before you get to Ile Rousse you will have to follow the train tracks for ca. 100 m, so check the trains timetable on The full trip to Ile Rousse is ca. 11 km long, so you will probably want to take the train back to Algajola.


  • The closest hiking trail starts right behind Fiore di Lume and leads you to the peak you see, when you look straight up from the entrance of the apartment. There is a very fine view from the top.
  • Another local hiking trail starts from the plain behind Aregno Plage. When going from Algajola in the direction of Ile Rousse on N 197 turn right just after Hotel Pascal Paoli. Follow the small road leading inland towards a camp site called Ranch Cantarettu City. Park the car (after you have passed the camp site) when you see the signs towards Pigna and follow the old mule path till you get there. From Pigna you can either return the same way after a refreshing lunch in one of the small restaurants you find there, or you can continue on another trail leading you via the Corbara monastery all the way up to St. Antonino.
  • You can also walk up to Pigna or St. Antonino directly from the apartment. Walk down to the roundabout in the direction of Ile Rousse. Follow the road leading up to Aregno for a few hundred meters and find the signpost on your left hand signalling the path towards Pigna/St. Antonimo. If you want to go up to St. Antonino the path will take you up crossing the road in Praoli. Here you only need to go a few meters right before you choose the steep road perpendicular to the main road (this is not very well marked!)
  • Hike in the Agriate desert from Ostriconi. Park the car for instance by the Auberge Domaine de l’Ostriconi on RN 1197. Follow the dirt road until you see the marking of the trail on your left hand. Follow this until you reach the coast and continue along the trail leading north (Sentier du littoral). Continue to the bay Cala di a Racisa where it is possible to bath. Return the same way but keep left when the trail divides into two almost parallel tracks. This hike is easy. It is approx. 15 km long and the roundtrip takes 4-5 hours. Starts and ends at sea level. Max. elevation is 110 m.
  • Hike to Girolata (***) (6.5 km, ca. 3 hours in total, start 269m - bottom 0m - end 269 m). Girolata is located next to the Scandola reserve which since 1983 has been protected as world heritage by UNESCO. The village can only be reached by foot or by boat. Park at Col de la Croix (**), from where you have a splendid view of Golfe de Porto as well as Golfe de Girolata. (ca. 68 km, 1 hour and 30 min. from Algajola). The trail starts at Col de la Croix. After ca. 45 min. descent you reach the little deserted bay called Cala di Tuara. Take a swim before you for the next 60 min. pass Capu di Curzu till you reach the little community, Girolata. In season, you will find a shop as well as several restaurants open here. Try for instance: Restaurant Bel Ombra, Tel: 04 95 20 15 67, Mobile: 06 89 61 70 68.
  • Hikes in the Tartagine forest. Go by car via Aregno, Cateri, Muro, Feliceto and bear right on D663 after Nessa. Go right on D63 just before you enter Speloncato. This narrow and winded road will take you over the pass called Bocca di Battaglia (1128 m) and down into Ghjunsani and the Tartagine valley on the other side. You can park the car at the top at Bocca de a Battaglia (1 h away from Algajola) and take a 9 km round trip which will first take you down to Pioggiola and then Olmi before you remount to the pass. There is a nice restaurant in the pass and the view is fantastic. This round trip which is marked with orange dots can be done in 3-4 hours (1128 – 758 – 1128 m).
  • Another very nice trip runs in the bottom of the Tartagine valley. Park the car at Bar des Amis in Capella. Follow the trail all the way to Maison Forestière de Tartagine-Melaja (Opening period: From ca. 01/05 to ca. 30/10. Tel. 04-95-35-68-73, (portable) 06-79-74-80-90). Try their excellent lunch before you return to Bar des Ami the same way you came. Ca. halfway you will pass an old Genovese bridge where the river forms a pool and you can take a refreshing swim. This 12 km trip (back and forth) takes ca. 4 hours. Ca.540 height metres. Return to Algajola via Belgodere.
  • A third 12 km / 4-hour roundtrip w. 650 height meters in Tartagine starts straight West of the parking lot by the yellow church just outside Pioggiola. It takes you along the slopes below Monte Tolu and along the opposite ridge and to Bocca de a Scoperta. From here you descend to Forcili before you mount back up to the church where you parked.
  • Hike to the glacier lake, Lac de L’Oriente (2061 m) (9 km, ca. 5 ½ hours in total, start 1040m – top 2061m– end 1040m. 1020 m height difference!) Park the car at Pont de Timozzu in Gorges de la Restonica, which in itself is worth a visit. You can swim many different places in the Restonica River. Restonica is ca. 80 km, 1 ½ hours away from Algajola. Corte is also worth a visit. The ascent of Monte Rotondo is one of the most beautiful and impressing tours in Corsica. Due to the large altitude difference it is (one of) the most exhausting as well. The trail starts a little west of Pont de Timozzo at a mark which directs you to Lac de l’Oriente. At first it is a gravel road which later divides (take the right fork) and ends after some 30min where a marked path starts winding through a beautiful forest. After roughly an hour you reach the Bergerie de Timozzo, a farmhouse which still is in use. From the bergerie head up a wide ridge and later along the right side of the Timozzo creek. Shortly before you reach a cascade the trail crosses the creek and now starts winding up large granite steps. It finally reaches Lac de l'Oriente at 2061m.
  • Hike to the glacier lakes, Lac de Melo (1711 m) and Lac de Capitello (1930 m) (7 km, 3 ½ hours in total, 620 m in height difference). Park the car at Bergerie Grotelle in the upper end of Gorges de la Restonica. You can swim in Lac de Melo, but the water is very, very cold! Note! You should arrive early in the morning in the high season, as the parking capacity is limited.
  • Hike, which requires you to be dropped off by car in the Asco canyon and picked up on the other side of the ridge in the Bonifatu Forrest. The trail starts at the upper end of the Asco canyon (**) (85 km, ca. 1 hour and 45 min. from Algajola). Follow the red/white markings of GR 20 for ca.5 km over a ridge (2148 m) and down on the other side to Spasimata (*). Here you can take a dive in the cold pools and enjoy a magnificent view. The trip continues downhill for another 5 ½ km (1½ hour) until you reach Maison Forestière in the Bonifatu Forrest. Before you descend from Spasimata you can take a 100 m detour to visit Refuge Carozzu for refreshments. From the pick-up point at Maison Forestière there is only 28 km (30 min.) back to Algajola.
  • You can obviously also just hike up to Spasimata from Maison Forestière and descend the same way.
  • Another hike to the Bonifatu Forrest also requires drop off by car in Calenzana (18 km, 20 min. from Algajola) and subsequent pick up at Maison Forestière (28 km, 30 min. from Algajola). The trail is the first stage of the “Monti et Mare”. Leaving Calenzana your route follows the famous GR20 along an old mule trail; you climb progressively up to the Ortiventi fountain, from where you have view to Calenzana and the villages of the Balagne. You then drop down on to an old path known as the postman’s route, which cuts through the forest of Sambuccu. You pass a small Col before going gently downhill to reach the Figarella bridge. Once across the bridge you follow the left bank, and then a slight climb up to the ‘Auberge de la foret’. (9 km, 5 hours in total. Start 255m – top 580 m – end 540m).
  • You can also try the second day trip of “Monti et Mare” starting at Maison Forestière in the Bonifatu Forrest and ending at Tuarelli by the Fango River. Again, this requires transfer back to the starting point by taxi. At a nearby bridge you follow a forestry track that is known as the ‘chemin de ronde’, which gently climbs towards the south-west passing the ruins of the house belonging to Prince Pierre. You then progress into a forest of maritime pines and green oak trees. At an altitude of 1200m you arrive at the Bocca di Bocassa. After approximately 3 hours of a very rewarding and relaxing section you arrive at Tuarelli rock pools, the perfect place for a laze on the sun-baked rocks and a swim. You can also get a meal or a refreshment at Gite d`Etape Alzelli in Tuarelli (Dominique Leca : Tel. 04 95 62 01 75, mobile 06 10 77 31 92) before you return by taxi (36 km) to the car you left in Bonifatu. Taxies can be booked at: Taxi Michel (Calenzana), has two 6 p. taxies. Price 150 EUR) or Price 105 EUR. (16.5 km, 7h effective walking (calculate with min. 9 hours), +620m altitude, -1050m).
  • Finally, there are plenty of nice and easy hiking trails on the Revellata peninsula. It is a ca. 10 km hike to go to the light house. Follow the “Sentier de Cretes” on the West coast out and the trail on the East coast on your return.

Mountain biking in the Agriate desert:

  • Go by car to Casta (ca. 45 min. from Algajola). Rent mountain bikes/or electrical bikes at Relais de Saleccia (Tel: +33 4 95 37 14 60, Mobile: +33 6 67 99 35 90. Price: 17 EUR/40 EUR pr. day). Go through the Agriate desert ca. 12 km (1½ hour) till you reach the beach of Saleccia – one of the most beautiful and deserted beaches you can find in Europe. Continue 3 km along the coast to the beach of Loto before you return the same way back to Casta (2 h). If you want to avoid the uphill return trip you can pay an additional 10 EUR pr. person to be picked up with your bike in a 4WD.

Boat trips:

  • The nearest place to rent a boat is in Saint Ambroggio (a few kilometres from Algajola in the direction of Calvi). If you are willing to spend a whole day (and the money) you can go as far South as to Porto (or at least Girolata south of the Scandola reserve depending on boat size) or North to St. Florent past the Désert des Agriates with the beautiful Saleccia beach amongst other fantastic beaches which can only be reached by boat.
  • Alternatively – if you wish to go to Scandola, Girolata and Porto by boat, you may take the car to Galeria (45 min.) and rent the boat from there. That will save you a good deal of sailing and leave you more time to explore the wonderful Scandola reserve. A semi-rigid boat for 6 persons with 50 HP will cost you in the order of 250 Euro pr. day (excl. petrol). NB! Such boats require a permit. Boats should always be booked at least the day before.
  • From Calvi it is also possible to take a tour boat from Colombo lines to Porto and back.
  • If you like snorkelling you can take a ½-day or full day trip with one of the catamarans from Calvi, which will take you either South to Scandola or North to Saleccia.

Good restaurants:

  • Algajola:
  1. La Vielle Cave (04 95 60 70 09). Open from March to mid-October. A very good restaurant with excellent value for money. Our favourite. It is necessary to reserve table in high season.
  2. Le Chariot (04 95 60 70 49). Open March to November.
  3. U Castellu (04 95 60 78 75). Open April to September.
  4. A Rotta (04 95 60 74 85). (Placed in the northeast end of Aregno Plage. Open from April to October for lunch all days and for dinner certain days of the week. Very good fish here).
  • Sant Ambroggio : A la bonne table (04 95 65 42 15). Only upon reservation. Open all year.
  • St. Antonino: La Voute (04 95 61 74 71). Open April to September.
  • Pigna: A Casarella (04 95 61 78 08). Open April to September. Casa Musicale (04 95 61 77 31 - 04 95 61 76 57). Open all year. Restaurant U Palazzu.
  • Lavatoggio: Ferme Auberge Chez Edgar ( (04 95 61 70 75).
  • Ile Rousse: L’Escale (good spot for mussels), open all year, Le Grand Bleu, open April to September.
  • Calvi: U Fanale (restaurant gastronomique, very good and reasonably priced), Captains Resto, open April to September.
  • I Salti (Moulin de Salti - Golf du Reginu, 20226 Ville-di-Paraso) (1* in Guide Michelin) Reservations are required: 04 95 34 35 59 - 06 30 71 82 64.
  • Corte: La Refuge in the Restonica canyon.


  • Wine tasting directly at the winery. For instance:
  1. Clos Columbu - a newly built winery near Lumio. Has sometimes art exhibitions. You find the road leading to it on your left-hand side just as you have passed through Lumio (coming from Algajola).
  2. Enclos des Anges – a winery near the airport run by an Irishman. You find the road leading to it on your right-hand side shortly before you reach the airport. The road is terrible, so go slow.
  3. Alzipratu in Zilia
  4. Domaine Maestracci E Prove– a great winery in the valley behind Ile Rousse. Go from Ile Rousse to Santa Reparata de Balagne on D13 - continue on D13 towards Muro. After ca. 4 km you find the road to the winery on your right-hand side.
  • Visit the market in Ile Rousse (open until noon). Here you can buy fresh fish, and typical Corsican specialities such as persillade, pistou, fig marmalade, honey, herbs, cookies, charcuterie and cheese.
  • Whisky (Altore) or Muscat bought on Route de Vin in the Patrimonio district.


  • Mini-golf in Calvi.
  • Golf in Reginu (9 holes).
  • Polyfonic singing. Concerts are often held in churches in Calvi, Pigna or Algajola.
  • Sailing. Boats can be rented in for instance Saint Ambroggio, Calvi, Galleria or Porto.
  • Glass bottom boat trips with Colombo lines from Calvi to for instance Scandola.
  • Catamaran ½ day or full day trips up or down the coast from Calvi with snorkelling underway.
  • Diving (Diving school at Aregno Plage).
  • Wind, body and wave surfing from Aregno Plage.
  • Kayaking from Aregno Plage or in the Fango River delta.
  • Mountain biking in Balagne (bikes can be rented at Aregno Plage) or the Agriate desert (bikes can be rented in Casta).
  • Hikes on 4-wheeled motorbikes (Quads) in the Agriate desert.
  • Rafting or kayaking on the Golo or the Tavignanu rivers (white water rafting in April and May).
  • Canyoning, for instance through the Fango River starting from Manso.
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