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Wedding Liability Insurance Help From TihsreeD Lodge Wedding and Event Venue

Check with your homeowner insurance provider (or your parents). You may be able to add a rider to a current policy for less than it will cost to pick up a separate liability policy.

When applying for your Day of Event Policy you may be asked if you need a waiver of subrogation. A waiver of subrogation is a special type of endorsement on a property-casualty insurance policy. The Waiver of Subrogation prohibits the insurer from attempting to seek restitution from a third party who causes any kind of loss to the insured. You will want to get this waiver.

We checked on policies recently and found that coverage for 75 guests, alcohol provided, some staying past 2 am, with a waiver of subrogation and the cost was under $200 for $500,000 of coverage and $1000 deductible.

Most of the standard insurance providers can write this policy for you: Travelers, Progressive, Nationwide, State Farm, etc. There are specialty sites that will cover you all online and instantly. Use a Google search to find them.

Wedding liability insurance pays for any expenses you are found liable for if a guest is injured or the venue is damaged during your wedding. This is the more common type of wedding insurance and many venues today now require you to have it.

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