Q: If I chose TihsreeD Lodge Wedding and Event Venue for my wedding, are there rules I should know about?

A: Our desire is to assist with the creation of lifelong memories while protecting our investment and your safety. Below you will find information to help make the celebration the best it can be.

• Please mind your children. Adults will be talking, drinking, and interacting. There may be little to entertain your children. Bored, unattended children cause damage and get hurt. Cars will be moving about the parking areas and it is dangerous for children to be in this area.

• Valet parking is REQUIRED. The staff at TihsreeD will need cars to be unlocked and keys placed on the front seat by noon on the day of the wedding. This allows us to valet park cars before day-of-event guests arrive. Please do not go up the hill to your car after we have parked it. We are happy to retrieve your car, or anything you need from the car. These are fire marshal, county and insurance restrictions placed on our venue.

• All alcohol must be dispensed by our bartender on the day of event. Our bartender provides water to guests as well as their drinks. Your “not for general consumption” bottles will be put aside by the bartender until requested by you. Absolutely NO ONE is allowed to go to their automobiles for alcohol during an event. Please take all day of event drinks, mixers, alcohol, cups, kegs, etc. to the cantina for our bartender. Consuming alcohol during the reception that was not poured by our bartender voids your host’s insurance policy and puts them at risk of a lawsuit.

• The bathroom in the apartment is off limits during the reception. We provide new, clean port-o-potties for guests to use during the reception. Access to the apartment toilet during the reception will result in forfeiture of security deposit.

• Bathrooms in the cabin and lodge are for overnight guests only. Due to pressure on the wells and septic system ONLY overnight guests at the lodge (maximum of 18) and the cabin (maximum of 18) are to use the showers, tubs, toilets, etc. in the lodge and cabin. We provide new, clean port-o-potties for guest use during reception.

• All dishes in the homes are to stay in the homes. If you plan a potluck, you will need to bring dishes for this event and/or use only the “loaner” items for the barn. Ask Toni (919-624-7641) or Don (719-839-0860) for these loaner items.

• If your hosts have chosen to use The Lodge Patio for a cocktail hour, the house will be locked during this time. Plan to take your jacket/sweater/camera/purse/diaper bag to the reception hall during this time as there will be no access to the house for the 1-1.5 hours of the cocktail time.

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