Pilot’s Perch Vacation Reservation Agreement

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This is a Vacation Reservation Agreement ("Agreement"). Your signature on this Agreement, payment of money, or taking possession of the Property after receipt of the Agreement, is evidence of your acceptance of the Agreement and your intent to use this property for a short-term transient vacation rental.

Property Owner: Blake and Tannya Hughes, “Owner”


Mobile: 540.307.0470

E-mail: pilotsperch@hotmail.com

Guest: (“Guest”)


Cell #1:

Cell #2:

Home #:


The Owner hereby rents to Guest, and Guest hereby rents from Owner, the short-term transient vacation property described below (referred to hereafter as the “Premises” and/or "Property") on the terms contained in this Agreement.

1. Premises/Property:

Name of Premises: Pilot’s Perch

Premises Telephone #:

Street Address:

Other Description: 3 Queen Beds. No Smoking. No Pets.

2. Term: ___ Nights BEGINS: __________, 2018 ENDS: __________, 2018

3. #Guests Staying At Cabin (Maximum of 6): (Adults) ___ (Children) ___

4. Rent: Guest agrees to pay rent for the Premises in the amount of $____.00 in accordance with paragraph 5 below.

5. Financial Terms:

Description: Amount: Due: Description: Amount:

Advance Rent $0.00 xx/xx/18 Tax: 10.3%

VA Sales & Use (5.3%) $ 0.00

Carroll County Occupancy (5%) $ 0.00

Rent Balance $0.00 xx/xx/18 Other Fees: Admin. Fees $ 0.00

Security Deposit $200.00 Other Fees: $ 0.00

Cleaning Fee $100.00 TOTAL: $ 0.00

6. Security Deposit: The sum of $200.00 must be paid to Owner at the time of payment of the final balance of the booking, by 45 days prior to Guest’s arrival date. Charges to the Security Deposit may include, but are not limited to: the amount of any unauthorized long distance or per call telephone charges and satellite/streaming television charges for use of premium services that are not specifically described in this Agreement (including any addendum hereto) as being included with the Premises, uncollected rent and associated fees, additional cleaning fees for obvious neglect and misuse of the Property or furnishings, pet damages, smoke clean-up fee, cost of damage to the Premises, missing items from the Premises, as well as any and all collection costs and attorney’s fees and expenses. If damage or loss is greater than the amount of the Security Deposit, the full amount of the replacement, repair or payment will be the responsibility of Guest. Owner shall apply, account for, or refund Guest’s Security Deposit within 30 days following the end of the reservation. __________ (Initial)

7. Cancellation: In the event of a cancellation by Guest, no refund of any payments made by Guest shall be refunded to Guest unless property is re-reserved for same period of time at same rate(s). If the Premises are not re-reserved on the terms set forth herein, Guest will not be entitled to a refund of any reservation payment made hereunder. _________(Initial)

8. Indemnification and Hold Harmless: Right of Entry; Assignment. Guest agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Owner from and against any and all liability for personal injury or property damage sustained by any person (including Guest’s guests) as a result of any cause. Guest agrees that Owner, or their respective representatives, may enter the Premises during reasonable hours to inspect the Premises, to make such repairs, alterations or improvements thereto as Owner may deem appropriate.

9. Other Terms and Conditions:


(i) The Property is equipped for basic needs, light housekeeping, and cooking, including but not limited to: stove, refrigerator, dishes and cookware. Owner is not liable for circumstances beyond their control. No repair or replacement is guaranteed regarding any failure of any of the appliances, AC/heating, TV and/or DVD player, other mechanical failure, or disruption of utility services, including WiFi. Guest is required to notify Owner of any malfunction, disruption or failure of any utility service, appliance or amenity within twenty-four (24) hours of Guest’s check-in of the Property or within two (2) hours of any malfunction, disruption or failure in order for Owner to be able to make any attempt at any repair or replacement. There will be no relocation, reservation proration or refund in the event of such circumstances and/or unfavorable weather. If Hot Tub or other special amenity on the Property malfunction, Owner will make reasonable efforts to provide them in good working order and repair them during the short-term transient rental upon notice from Guest within twenty-four (24) hours of Guest’s check-in or within two (2) hours of Guest’s notice of any malfunction of Hot Tub or other special amenity on the Property. Given the difficulty of repairs to such amenities, especially in the mountains, Owner makes no guarantee that any such amenities will be working during the term of the short-term transient rental, and Guest will not be entitled to any refund if they are not.

(ii) Candles of any kind are not allowed in or on the Premises at any time as log cabins can go up in flames instantly. If the Property is damaged in any way due to Guest bringing candles in or on the Premises, Guest will be responsible for the cost of any repair or replacement of any and all damaged items inside the Premises or to the cabin and/or Property itself.

(iii) The log slab island top is not to be used as a cutting board at any time for any reason. Additionally, neither hot nor frozen dishes, pans or items of any type are allowed to be placed directly on the log slab island top. Hot pads are provided which are to be placed under any such item(s). If the top of the log slab island is damaged due to Guest’s failure to comply with these limitations, Guest will be responsible for the cost of the resurfacing the log slab island top and/or replacement of the log slab island top if is not able to be restored to its condition prior to the damage caused by Guest.

(iv) In the event Owner is unable to deliver the Premises to Guest because of fire, mandatory evacuation, Owner decision, eminent domain or Acts of Nature, or if the Premises is unavailable because of construction or lack of utilities, Guest agrees that Owner’s sole liability, as a result of any of these conditions, will be a full refund of all payments tendered by Guest. Guest expressly acknowledges that in no event will Owner be held liable for any other condition out of the control of Owner, or for any other incidental or consequential damages, including but not limited to relocating or for any other losses. If authorities order a mandatory evacuation which includes the Premises, Guest shall comply with the order.

B. BED LINENS: Beds have mattresses, mattress pads, quilts and pillows. Linens (bed sheets, dish cloths and dish towels) are provided as a standard amenity. All beds in the cabin have high quality pillow-top mattress covers and good quality sheets and quilts. Any damage to bed linens, including tears and stains that occur during your short-term transient rental of our home, will result in the replacement of the damaged item(s). The replacement cost of the damaged mattress cover and/or bed linens will be deducted from your Security Deposit. We will not attempt to spot clean or wash stained mattress covers and bed linens. They will be replaced for sanitary purposes.

C. PET POLICY: Pets are NOT allowed in or on the Premises of Pilot’s Perch log cabin. Violation of the Pet Policy will result in termination of Guest’s short-term transient rental without refund. If it is determined that Guest has/had a pet in or on the Premises, Guest will automatically forfeit the entire $200.00 Security Deposit. __________(Initial)

D. SMOKING: Smoking is NOT allowed in or on the Premises of Pilot’s Perch log cabin. If it is determined that smoking did occur inside the cabin, an additional cleaning fee will be charged to cover the cost of smoke removal and any damages incurred. This additional fee will be deducted from the Security Deposit paid by Guest, and any cost over the Security Deposit amount will be the responsibility of Guest. ___________(Initial)

E. DEPARTURE CLEANING: Guest and their guests are asked to leave the Premises in the same condition as they found it, ie, no damage to the cabin, its contents and furnishings, and/or the Premises. Guest is also responsible for cleanup of gas grill if used during stay. The Cleaning Fee of $100.00 covers the expense of having the cabin floors vacuumed and mopped, the furniture dusted, the linens washed and replaced on beds, and upkeep of the hot tub.

F. TRASH REMOVAL: All trash must be bagged, sealed, and placed in the garage, away from access to animals during Guest’s stay. NO TRASH PICK-UP IS INCLUDED WITH THIS SHORT-TERM TRANSIENT RENTAL. ALL TRASH MUST BE REMOVED FROM THE CABIN AT THE TIME OF GUEST’S DEPARTURE. Failure to remove the trash will result in a “Trash Removal Fee” of $25.00. (We provide information on locations of trash disposal sites.)

G. GUEST RESPONSIBILITIES: Guest must be at least 24 years of age. Guest accepts responsibility for all acts of children, guests, and visitors, as well as full responsibility for any personal injury or property damage which may occur, and will be charged for any damage aside from “usual wear and tear,” defined as the wear and tear manifested on an item from reasonable use and which cannot be distinguished before and after an individual instance of use. Guest will be charged for any and all missing items. Guest agrees that Property will not be used or occupied by more than the maximum allowable number of guests set forth in this Agreement – this includes Guest, Guest’s family (including all children) and Guest’s guests. Absolutely NO HOUSE PARTIES OR GATHERINGS. No ATV’s, campers, motor homes, or tents are allowed on the Premises. Grilling is permitted only on the upper deck. Guest is additionally responsible for complying with building’s rules and regulations, if any are posted, and will not deliberately or negligently destroy, deface, damage, or remove any part of the Property or render inoperable the smoke detectors provided at the Premises or knowingly permit any person to do so. If an inoperable smoke detector is found, Guest is asked to contact Owner immediately. Any violation of these House Rules, including exceeding the maximum allowable number of guests, will result in an immediate forfeiture of your Security Deposit and possible eviction from the Premises. ____________(Initial)

H. FINANCIAL NOTICES: 50% of the Total Reservation Amount, Cleaning Fee and Taxes is due upon booking. The balance of all fees, including Security Deposit, must be received by Owner 45 days prior to Guest’s arrival date. Payment methods accepted are: U.S. Postal Money Orders, Bank Checks, Credit Cards and Cash.

I. STORM POLICY/ROAD CONDITIONS: No refunds will be given for inclement weather of any type. Mountain roads can be curvy and steep. If Guest’s vacation is booked during the winter months, Guest should prepare to drive in snow and ice to reach the Property. We highly recommend four-wheel drive and/or chains during the winter months. We do not refund due to road conditions, nor does Owner provide shuttle service to the Premises.

J. HOT TUB: No children under the age of 12 permitted in the hot tub at any time. When using the hot tub, remember there are certain health risks associated with this amenity. The hot tub heat speeds up the effects of alcohol, drugs or medicine, and can cause unconsciousness. Leave the hot tub immediately if uncomfortable or sleepy. Use hot tub at your own risk. Our housekeeper sanitizes, refills and replenishes chemicals in the hot tub prior to your arrival. Do not make any adjustments, including adding chemicals, adding water or changing filters. Adding water to the hot tub will change chemicals and could render them ineffective. Do not put any items in the hot tub, including cups, bags, books, cigarettes, etc. as they can clog the filter and cause damages that would necessitate repairs, for which you will be held wholly monetarily responsible. Owner is not responsible for any neglect or misuse of the hot tub. CAUTION: Always test the hot tub water temperature before entering the hot tub. Enter and exit the hot tub slowly. Wet surfaces can be very slippery. Never bring any electrical appliances into or near the hot tub. Never operate any electrical appliance from inside the hot tub or when you are wet. Hot tub covers are for insulation purposes and are not designed to support a person or persons. DO NOT STAND OR SIT ON THE HOT TUB COVER as it will break and you will be charged for the replacement of same. Remember: when not using the hot tub, leave the cover on so the hot tub will stay warm and to prevent foreign objects from falling into the hot tub. The water temperature in a hot tub should never exceed 40 ̊ C (104 ̊ F). Lower water temperatures are recommended when hot tub use exceeds 10 minutes. Do not use hot tub if water temperature is below 70 ̊ F, as this will change the chemicals and they could become ineffective. Contact Owner immediately if you have any concerns or if the hot tub temperature falls below 70 ̊ F. (Guest’s initials indicate Guest has read, understands, and agrees to abide by the above guidelines for Hot Tub use.) __________ (Initial)

K. STAINLESS STEEL CABLE DECK RAILS: Absolutely NO standing on, climbing up or through the stainless steel cable deck rails. It is Guest’s responsibility to ensure any and all children are closely monitored while on the decks and not permitted to stand on, climb up or climb through the stainless steel cable deck rails. It is also Guest’s responsibility to ensure their guests do not stand on, climb up or climb through the stainless steel cable deck rails. Guest agrees to defend, indemnify and hold Owner harmless from any and all claims, injuries, damages, losses or suits, including but not limited to, attorneys’ fees and expenses, arising out of Guest’s failure to do so. Guest will be responsible for any repairs or replacement of any damaged stainless steel cable deck rails and/or their support beams should same be caused by Guest’s failure to ensure their children and/or guests do not stand on, climb up or climb through the stainless steel cable deck rails. ____________ (Initial)

L. NATURE: Please realize this home is a genuine log cabin that is located in the midst of natural surroundings (ie, trees, wooded and natural areas). Keep in mind that real log cabins are not air tight and, consequently, you will see seasonal insects. You will also frequently see wildlife outside the cabin (ie, wild turkey, deer, rabbits and the occasional bear).

M. EARLY CHECK-IN / LATE CHECK-OUT: Check-In is at 3:00 p.m. and Check-Out is at 11:00 a.m. Please inquire about an early check-in or late check-out. When possible, we can try to accommodate an early check-in or a late check-out when permitted by guest, housekeeping and/or maintenance schedules. Please note that the keyless entry system on the front door of the cabin time-stamps each entry into the cabin and each exit from the cabin, and each entry/exit is Guest specific indicated. Failure to pre-arrange with Owner an early check-in or a late check-out will result in a $150.00 deduction from your Security Deposit. _________(Initial)

10. Occupancy: Guest acknowledges this is NOT a tenancy for the Property and Property laws do not apply to this Reservation Agreement, and Guest may be removed as a trespasser immediately upon termination of this Agreement. One Guest is often scheduled to begin a vacation on the Premises on the same day as the check-out day of another Guest. Should Guest stay even one additional hour unapproved by Owner, Owner could face significant logistical problems with the next Guest, including possible liability. As such, Guest agrees to vacate immediately on the check-out day no later than the check-out time previously arranged with Owner. Failure to do so will entitle Owner, in addition to all other remedies available, to have Guest evicted by law enforcement as a trespasser and to physically remove Guest and all of his/her possessions from the Premises, for which Guest hereby grants permission and consent, and obtain damages and injunctive relief against Guest.

11. Security Camera Notice: Pilot’s Perch utilizes an exterior surveillance camera for security reasons. It is unable to capture any interior images or any images on either deck. It is located on the front porch by the front door for the surveillance of entrances and exits of the cabin through the front door, possible wild life on the front porch and weather observations.

**The reservation of this Property is not finalized until such time as Owner has had an opportunity to talk with Guest on the phone about the reservation and the deposit and signed/initialed Vacation Reservation Agreement and copy of photo ID are received by Owner.

GUEST: __________________________________________________



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DATE: __________________________________________________

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