I am a professional restoration designer and contractor. I was fascinated by this home as a child. I fell in love with and purchased this home 33 years ago and have been devoted to preserving it for future generations ever since. I spent my honeymoon traveling the Mississippi River and staying each night in a different historic home, I am happy to have the opportunity to share my own historic home with others that would enjoy experiencing the now rare beauty and whimsy that these unique homes provided their original occupants so many years gone by. We have maintained this lovely home for over 30 years as a labor of love, and leased it furnished for executive stays and unfurnished for years. We have formed many lasting friendships with those that enjoyed their time in this unique home. We are excited to furnish the home again for our use and pleasure and offering on Airbnb! Prepare to fall in love.

* Dear Guests, We recently received a dishonest retaliatory review from a guest named Allison. This guest caused great damage to our home and furnishings and was asked to pay for the damage. Please read the reviews of guests that stayed immediately before and after Allison to see the true representation of our home. I also have dozens of high resolution photographs dated showing this guests review to be dishonest.