Rob Hurlbert

Owners have been vacationing in Marco Island for past 10 years. Have rented numerous condos inside the Sea Winds... now as Owners, seeking to provide a superior experience to our Guests.

The Sea Winds has been a perfect accommodation for our family of five. It is a reasonably priced vacation property on the quieter and more desirable South end of the island, within easy walking distance to numerous restaurants, bars and shops. It is within close proximity to the Gulf, has a beautiful pool, the landscaping and grounds are always kept in immaculate condition, and the on-site Management is always friendly and Guest-driven. Fellow vacationers (and owners) who stay in the Sea Winds are always friendly. What more can you ask for in a vacation property?

We are the easiest condo to access of all in the building. If you are a family, Senior or handicapped Guest, we are tailor made for you. We are in the process of renovating and incorporating various features to become what we believe will be the the 1st senior-friendly condo in the building!