Philip And Nancy Stanley

Nancy and Philip are the owner/operators of Abbey Ridge Retreat. If we don't meet a high standard in offering a seasonal rental to prospective guests there is no held accountable except ourselves. We were on VRBO for 10 years and for most of the time it work for us and our guests because we work directly with our prospective guests in reserving their time at our little cottage. However VRBO eventually controlled the entire process to the point our property's access went from our control to their corporate model of erecting a wall between owner and guest. We choose to disassociate with VRBO so there is no one between us and you. The guest expects just to pay the rental rate and room tax like a hotel and avoid all the fees piled on later. Stay with us and avoid all those extra fees. Please visit our rental website to understand our rate structure and reserving time on the ridge or as we say our little bit of heaven. Nancy and Philip