A few things about me: I thrive when surrounded by new ideas and perspectives, so I love traveling as much as I love hosting travelers. For several years I hosted international students from the University of Oregon and I couldn’t get enough of it. I loved hearing the foreign languages in my home and sharing cultures and perspectives with one another. If I had to pick my own favorite personal strength it would be my ability to allow people to feel comfortable being their true self around me. As for hobbies, it would be near-impossible to live in Eugene (Oregon) and not be a foodie so that almost goes without saying. I’m a recovering insomniac who has studied way too much about sleep, circadian rhythms and chronotypes. Actually if I get interested in something I’ll usually binge-study it, either for fun or until I feel I have enough understanding to apply it to my situation. I’m goal oriented and love collaborating with friends to come up with big solutions to big problems. I think that means I value being thoughtful; thoughtful meaning full of thought and thoughtful meaning to show care toward others. I’m married to my homeschooling, urban farmer husband who is always trying to get us to fit more animals on our property or trying out a new energy-saving diy building method or self-perpetuating heat source or water purification system or permaculture or organic farming technique… We have two awesome kids who keep us entertained at all times. Whether you’re traveling for business, visiting the university or taking a vacation, take a load off in our guest house and have a great trip!