How the hell do I survive without an OTA?

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How the hell do I survive without an OTA?
you? Are you faced with this dilemma?

If the answer is YES, then read on.

Just 10 steps to start the road back to controlling your property again!

This very 1st step is the hardest - 1st steps usually are.

1- End or let lapse your membership to your OTA.

(If you can’t do this then there’s no need to continue, you’ll always be their chattel and subject to all the whims and dictates they demand )

2- Prior to de-listing with your OTA, you can export your reviews to an Excel list.

(Once you end your membership you may not be able to retrieve them, and these are too valuable to lose. If you've created a Houfy website you can import them to your Houfy site.

3- Export your guests / contacts email addresses into an Excel list .

(Same as above, your contacts are your clientele. You don’t want to lose them.

4- Sign up for PPB (Pay Per Booking) with an OTA of your choice.

(A PPB contract will generate bookings. Your guest will still pay a fee but you won’t be buried in searches.)

These next few steps will require you to get proactive to generate bookings.

5- Develop your own website if your technically or financially able to.

(Your own website increases your exposure, generates business and also legitimizes your VR, be sure to link your Houfy site and visa-versa))

6- Create a Google Ad / Website, it’s free and easy.

(A Google Website can do the same as above and it’ll also provide analytics.)

7- Initiate a program of contacting those on your email contact lists

(A very effective means to stay in touch with your guests and potential guests. Keep it short, promote an event or attraction and include a pic AND LINK of your VR. I do this on a monthly basis but always ask if they want to be deleted from future emails. Include your Houfy website link)

8- Log onto the website of the attractions your VR is in, ski resorts, water parks, vineyards, amusement parks, etc. Find their list of “Recommended Places to Stay”. If they do, contact them to find out how your property can be included on the list.

(I’ve done this with several venues, it doesn’t necessarily produce bookings, but it does further legitimize you and possibly get noticed. I also mentioned that I would promote their “business” on my website in return. This is usually very well received and in more than a few instances resulted in discount coupons being provided for our guests.)

9- Research and join Face Book Yard Sale Groups in all the areas your guests come from. This will be the most time consuming but very rewarding, I’ll explain below. Make frequent (weekly) little posts about your VR, new furnishings, current and/or special events, pretty pics of things to do and places to go while staying at your VR. Anything and everything as long as it's eye catching and promotes the viewer to go to your site, so be sure to include the link to your Houfy website.

It’s simple to find a sale group on Facebook. Go to the search box at the top of your screen and type in your city or area, plus a term such as “sale group,” “yard sale” or “buy sell trade.” A long list of options will probably appear. If not, broaden your geographical search. For instance, instead of using the name of your small town, search your county name or the nearest larger city.

(This will necessitate time on your part, but IMO generates views and exposure of your VR to hundreds if not thousands of travelers & vacationers.)

Now – Join Houfy!

It’s Free! There’s no risk and no fees to guests.

The owner / creator is the same as you and I, a property owner fed-up with the oppressive policies demanded by the OTA’s. Thijs Aftink, a Dutchman with the will and wherewithal to bring a wish to reality. He has the talent, expertise and drive to make this venture a success.

Still in the developing stages with improvements being made almost every day. There are now 3000 members. The big difference with us compared to members on OTA’s is that we are all working for the same goal. Supporting, advising and instructing each of us how to regain what the OTA’s took away – our trust, our control and our profits.

Any question you may have is answered here:

How the hell do I survive without an OTA?
What is this Houfy site?
Many of you might wonder what Houfy is all about and why Houfy is any different then any other new vacation rental websites you see.. I will try to explain as good as I can in a short version .. I will edit this document once in a while..

I know you heard this before….this time it’s the honest truth!

You’ve got nothing to lose – Everything to gain!

(especially your independence and control)

Here’s the easy import link:

How the hell do I survive without an OTA?
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How the hell do I survive without an OTA?
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