We've all been there, excited to get a new inquiry from someone that writes how great or beautiful your place is. You immediately respond that the dates interested in are available and will forward your RA.

Now your thinking that your gonna get a booking and the next communication you get is something like this:


Thanks so much for your swift response, After reviewing your quotations and discussed with my colleagues ( Larry), we both confused our boss to stay your property as we are attending 5days, to attend The 2019 7th annual Ceramic Business & Leadership Summit Conference which your apartment location much closer to the conference venue. we would like to proceed to payment as instructed on the posting but due to security concerns and due to our company resent policy on the use of company-issued credit cards on online payment platform such as this, am sorry we will have to arrange for payment inform of cashier check or bank certified check. Please write to me personally for more details on ( tomshedy01 (at) gmail com )

Or something like this.....

We are very interested in your property. I will be coming with my wife only and no pet. We don't smoke and are very clean people.
But due to the unsecured use of credit card or other online payment, we will
arrange for payment inform of US cashier check or bank certified check. Please sir write you full name, address and bank name.

This one is very common with a several variations but they all have a husband and wife coming to the USA


How are you doing today.. My name is Theresa, am a consultant to UNICEF, i live in Glasgow (UK) am contacting you today to know if me and my husband can use your place for 7 days we are coming for our honeymoon so we decide to use your place for good 7 days, from may 20 to 27 or any available date upfront, get back to me if the place still available ...


Besides the poor grammar, note that there is a similar pattern to all of these communications. They just love your property, apartment, room, whatever, and it will fit perfectly to their needs. But due to some issues with payment, credit card or international money transfer nonsense, some other 3rd party, (their boss, company, x-girlfriend), will arrange and pay for all their expenses by "Cashiers Check". So please supply your full name, address, and bank you wish the money sent to. And, because of some weird or unclear factor, it will be for an amount MORE than what your charging, "so please just return the difference."

Another example that's been around for awhile starts off with a warm greeting and compliments about how nice your property is with an offer to provide some kind of service in exchange for a stay, which is open ended as "my dates are flexible". The offer to photograph or create an original work of art of your property is the usual MO to this type of "scam". Claims of international fame and examples of work are usually included in the communication.

These are just a few examples, they come in several different forms but they all have errors in grammar, are fully in love with your property and will arrange payments via cashiers check, by themselves or a 3rd party. Don't fall for any of this...ALL OF IT IS B.S.!

I welcome any of my fellow HOUFIES to please add any communications from scammers that exemplifies this or any other "scam" that you have received.

Watch out for this Guy - they come from all directions and in many shapes, sizes and genders!

Don't be the Scam Artists Next Victim

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There is one guy named David. I don't recall his last name. But he makes his rounds around the listing sites and offers a painting in exchange for a free stay. I don't know if anyone has taken him up on his offer. Some people must since he hasn't stopped in years. But just ignore him! His portfolio isn't even good!

5 years ago
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