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Mostly retired as a commercial photographer Janet & I have been in the in the hospitality business for most of our 50 years of marriage. We built this cabin as our family vacation home when our own kids were kids, and now include our grandkids. Our Pocono Getaway is the perfect retreat from your busy life, quiet - comfy and very family friendly!
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Enjoy a scenic bike ride through the beautiful Lehigh River Gorge, our most popular biking daytrip, or get on the Bike Train then ride back down through the Lehigh Gorge State Park.
Discount coupons for Pocono Whitewater, a variety of 7 different rafting trips that meet every skill level. Less than 15 minutes from our Pocono Log Home Getaway
Over 50 of the best paintball maps on the planet spanning 700+ acres of prime Pocono Mountain real estate. Consisting of open fields, dense woods, creeks, bridges, swamps, rhododendron trees, forts, villages, TWO CASTLES, cargo containers, tanks, airplanes, speedball arenas, and inflatable bunkers.
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