Seacrest Units 901, 909, and 707 owners are Tom and Lynn Nuttall, who have made Huntsville, Alabama their home for over twenty years. They bought the first Condo in 2008 for family vacations, relaxation and a hideaway from Tom’s career in defense. If you are currently at the condo you have already, no doubt, talked to Lynn. She is the drive behind the remodeling and manages the rental of the unit. She is very good at both and we are sure she has and will take good care of you and any problem that might come up. We have three sons, Chris who graduated from Auburn University and is a Navy Pilot, Grey who graduated from Tulane University, served four years in the Army and is now employed as a Product Manager with a medical device manufacturer, and Mark who graduated from the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa and the University of Alabama, Birmingham Dental School and is currently practicing dentistry in Oregon. So you can see we are a family divided during football season.