Owning and renting houses/villa at Orlando since 2011, prompt and professional. Now manage 8 9-bedroom/6bathroom houses and 2 11-bedroom/9.5bathroom and 1 12-bedroom/11bathroom house in Orlando area, all very close to parks. We believe that when you are on a vacation, you are away from your ordinary daily stress and the noises from surrounding areas. We believe that you want to feel comfort, relaxed, safe, joyful and ultimately fun! We believe that you want to enjoy the time together with your families and friends and leave a lasting memory for everyone. We believe you want to be in a place it’s convenient and close to major attractions, shops and restaurants; and after a joyful, yet tiring long day in theme parks or golf courses, you can soak in the pool and spa to relax and recharge. If you share our believe, “Joy In the Sun” Villas are for you!