Houfy and the banana problem

Jan 24, 2019 . 1 min read

When you go shopping at your local market and need bananas, which one do you choose?

Why? Does the fresh one look better?

Which banana do you think your potential guest(s) will choose?


Imagine Houfy: Someone searches, selects dates and gets 2 results? Do you think the potential guest will look at the listing with the "outdated" picture?

I don't think so.

Have you checked on your pictures lately? I understand you are very busy and you will do this later, as you planned to do this last year as well, and the year before too. Did you know you can take some pretty good pictures with your phone?

Getting the professional photographer in requires you to tidy up, get prepared etc. Something you planned to do last year.. In the mean time, use some of your phone pictures and make your place sellable to guests, it is the first thing they see!

Oh, I'm sure the fruit dealer will remove the banana on the right from its inventory the moment it starts looking worse.

Thanks for updating your pictures! Julie

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