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Eight: Climb Google’s search results to get qualified independent traffic with local SEO and citation marketing

While a large number of travellers will flock directly to their favorite website to search for vacation rentals (HomeAway, Airbnb, etc…), a significant amount will perform searches in Google.

Meaning, they’ll type some variation of “vacation rentals in …” in Google’s search bar and start their search that way.

Wouldn’t you like your website to be one of the first results they see?

Search engine optimization (SEO) does just that.

It helps your vacation rental business - well, your website actually - climb up the ranks in search results so that you can get more independent visibility and traffic.

And not only is it a great way to diversify your visibility, it’s also probably the most profitable place to invest your marketing dollars - besides professional pictures.

That’s right, “profitable”. Meaning more bang for your buck.

Let us explain;

See when you invest in SEO, it's like you're investing in a sort of search engine real estate. – Kind of like setting up a brick and mortar shop in a high traffic location on main street.

It’s all about location. 

The higher you rank, the better your “location”. The better your location, the more traffic/visibility you will get, and the less you have to spend on trying to get people in the door.

The best part?

There’s so much more organic traffic than paid traffic, it’s cheaper than any other kind of traffic, and it's easier to convert into bookings!

So instead of paying search engines high PPC rates for every click (usually about $5-$10+ per click), or high listing fees for each one of your properties (we’re guessing somewhere about $1000+ per year per property), you're actually investing into your business as a whole by gaining a larger, more consistent stream of highly qualified traffic to your entire website. Traffic that not only converts better, but also costs a fraction of what you're spending to get using other channels. 

Oh, and it’s commission free!

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Last modified: 4 years ago
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