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Seven: Build a professional website

NOTE: It’s not just any web design that’s going to make an impact significant enough to get the results you want.

HubSpot, a leading authority in online marketing, found that 94% of people cite poor design as a reason for not trusting a website.* 

And even then, looking pretty is just one of the factors that makes a good vacation rental website design. 

A very important factor, sure. But a “nice” web design and logo doesn’t necessarily mean mean that it will be any good at converting visitors into inquiries and confirmed bookings, and it doesn’t mean that it will have an easy time being found by travellers either.

And you are looking to convert more bookings after all, aren’t you?

Realistically, your vacation rental website should be built and designed in a way that it will do a lot of the work for you.

And if done right, not only will your site make the impact needed to build trust and keep people engaged, but it should also make acquiring traffic easy and actually be able to convert that traffic into inquiries and/or bookings. 

All of which are very difficult to find in a template, template hosting service, or that cheap site you can get done for 250 bucks…

But the point is building a strong brand is more than just a professional website and logo. And having a website, just to say you’ve got one won’t do you any good.

Your website shouldn’t be just a simple fixed cost. It’s an investment, with a REAL purpose of increasing your bookings and adding value to your vacation rental business as a whole. And only a premium quality design can do that for you. 

As we said in the beginning; it’s all relative. The better quality design might take more investment, but you’re also going to get a lot more out of it in return.

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Last modified: 4 years ago
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