Green Energy at the Retro Hideaway

The Tiny Tiki Retro Hideaway experience is one of a kind. While building, we always attempted to restore the original fixtures and finishes as built in 1954 at the modern, efficient converted aircraft factory in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The trailer itself is a fine example of a long lasting build with many, many years of service in mind. i.e. not disposable! Our Gypsy has survived well, and we are just caretakers on her long journey. We wish to share this -unusual space - tiny house on wheels - aluminum palace- with friends, family and guests!

Did you realize it also has many green energy factors built into it? We have a grey water system for showers and sink runoff, and on-demand hot water. Although we provide the luxury of heat and air conditioning, the Hideaway is well equipped for passive temperature control. Just adjust the many windows, move yourself inside or out onto the patio, raise a huge umbrella, or use the quilts provided if it's chilly.

All of the entirely irreplaceable custom built furnishings are sourced from recycled, reclaimed and repurposed materials. For example, the beautiful custom settee that fits perfectly under the window in the observation lounge was built (by Julia) using recycled foam, and a "Tiki" mid century coffee table sourced from craigslist. The outdoor curtains and upholstery fabrics were all purchased after market at Julia's work during an excess fabric sale and the green silk was repurposed from a 2nd hand store purchase. The special sized end table was built using a "saddle" type stool and the old non-original flop down table top constructed by the previous owner. In the sleeping cabin, the side table is original and the custom bedspread is custom sewn using 1950's vintage barkcloth from France, which was purchased on Etsy. The amazingly compact vanity in the bathroom utilizes the legs from the old table and all tiles were purchased on craigslist.

The collector's item textiles and vintage ceramics were collected and utilized by Julia with a lighter carbon footprint in mind and for real mid-50's wow factor. The beautiful mid-century dinnerware was hand-painted at the Winfield China factory in Santa Monica Ca, and the silver plate service came from Michael's family. These items we just love to show off and get the guests to use! The outdoor bed had a previous life, with a palm fringed roof, on a terrace overlooking the sea in Malibu. Now, inside the restored shade structure, the Tiki Bed is lavished with a custom moon blocker, curtains all around and handmade specialty pillows.

Once guests settle in we encourage them to stick around and take it slow, unwind, decompress and enjoy nature. Everything you might need to lighten your carbon footprint and make fabulous memories is right here!

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