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Quiet man who doesn't drink, do drugs or smoke. Eats mostly organic, including meat. Can embrace a vegetarian or vegan guests.
Work from home, and I am occasionally on phone conferences. Sometimes, I need to have a low level of background noise during business hours, roughly 8AM to 6PM Pacific Time. [This is less-so these days, but still want you to be aware.]
I enjoy seeing movies on the big screen. I cook a lot at home, so the house often smells good. In Oregon, I look forward to snowshoeing on Mt. Hood in the winter, and try to get out to Rooster Rock [beach on the Columbia River] as often as I can in the summer.
I travel as much as my budget will allow, and try to stay in Airbnb places when I don't have friends at my destinations. As a guest, I'm pretty independent in most circumstances. 90% of my travel is personal. If you offer a kitchen in your place, I'll probably cook if I'm there for more than a couple of days.
"Between two evils, I always pick the one I never tried before."
–Mae West

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