Do Drivers Stop At Zebra Crossings?

Do Drivers Stop At Zebra Crossings?

Drivers often don't stop - so don't start walking - unless you're feeling very brave. French pedestrians often cross at odd points along the road with no zebra crossing so be wary. Often you will find crossings at the exit from roundabouts, exactly where drivers are looking to speed up, so take extra care.

If I See The Word Rappel On a French Road Sign What Does It Mean?

Rappel is a reminder that speed restrictions are still in place, stick to the specified limit until you see a different speed sign.

What Can I Do to Help to Remind Me To Drive On The Right?

This should be obvious but many accidents are caused this way every year. Pay particular attention if you are doing a U turn close to a junction. It sounds silly put stick a post it note on your dashboard “Drive on the Right!

Is It True That Cars Get Priority On The Right?

In France when you enter an urban area you will need to give priority to the right. This is a strange rule that we all just have to remember. You must give way to motorists turning onto the road you are on, and in the direction you are travelling.

Do I Need Any Driving Credentials In France?

You'll need a full driving licence, insurance and car registration documents. You also need to have with you a warning triangle, headlight adaptors to drive on the right, and a sticker showing your country of origin. With Brexit now being on the table it may also be advisable to obtain an international driving licence from your local post office.

Is There A National Speed Limit In France?

On French motorways the limit is 130km/h,  on certain sections of road this reduces to 110km/h. When it’s raining speed limits are lowered and a 130km/h limit will be reduced to 110km/h.

Is It Necessary To Have GB Sticker To Drive In France?

Yes unless you have a GB logo as part of an EU number plate.

Will I Need The v5 Registration Document For Driving in France?

Yes you will need your V5 UK certificate of registration.

Headlights Will I Need To Change Their Direction When Driving In France?

It is important to deflect your headlight beams right to avoid dazzling oncoming traffic. Stick on adaptor kits are readily available for all makes of cars. The fitting instructions are sometimes difficult to understand so it’s worth reading these in advance. By reading in advance you’ll find it much easier if you have to fit them whilst on the car deck of a cross channel ferry. If you do need to buy headlight beam adaptors then order them in advance from online retailers. You will be charged around £10 on the ferry – online prices are around £4.50.
Many modern cars allow you to adjust the direction of your headlights by adjusting a switch.

Is It Necessary To Carry Spare Bulbs When Driving In France?

Whilst this is a good idea it is not a legal requirement.

Will I Need To Carry a Breathalyser In France?

Yes and No, this was for a short period a legal requirement but the law has changed. You are still required to carry them but you cannot be fined for not having them. Obviously it’s a useful thing to have in your car if you are in any doubt about the alcohol levels in your system. Single use items are readily available online – but if you have them for a while be sure to regularly check the expiry date. You are allowed a maximum of 0.5mg/ml of alcohol per litre in your blood, compared to 0.8mg/ml in the UK.

European Break Down Cover - What Do I Need To Know?

Check your current cover is valid for France. You can often upgrade or take another policy. There are many deals available depending on the level of cover required, shop around for the best deal.

Can I Use My Sat Nav In France?

Yes, you can .Using a Sat Nav in France is completely legal but check the speed camera notifications. French law dictates that motorists must not use sat navs which can actively warn of speed camera locations. Garmin has official statements on their website describing exactly the steps required to make your device legal in France. The Tom Tom radar service is not available in France. Google have confirmed that speed camera warnings will not be available to users in France.

Help For Garmin Owners - How to Turn Off Speed Alerts

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Help For Tom Tom Owners - How to Turn Off Speed Camera Alerts

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Can I Use My Dash Cam On French Roads?

Driving in France - Need To Know?
Dash cam use abroad could mean fines or jail | RAC Drive
Here in the UK, it's legal to film public roads using the popular recording devices, and footage can be also shared. But owners of dash cams need to be aware that the captured footage can also be used against them.

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