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In North Philadelphia born & raised, at the playground is where I spent most of my days (Yes, Will Smith stole that line from me, ha!)

I'm a Firefighter, father of six, and I love life, especially when it throws you curve balls. Because a clan of this size cannot just rest their special little heads in just any old place, companies like Airbnb are a GODSEND when we want to travel because we need lots of room!

Also, I like being an Airbnb host because people who use Airbnb are usually pretty interesting to talk to.

5 things I can't live without are...
2 phones (because one is always getting broken or running out of juice when you need it)
My wife (because according to her, I would be dead in 48 hours without someone to tell me what to do, ...and I grudgingly concur).

Favorite destinations? Anywhere there's sunshine and a pretty beach some warm water where I can dip my toes. Even Haiti (yes I've been there, helped build some houses, it's rough in some places but it's not the $#!+hole Trump thinks it is.)

So far, I've stayed at 3 or 4 short term Airbnb type rentals on other platforms (or shared with other who have booked) in San Deigo, Puerto Rico, and Orlando. Definitely looking to travel to more of them.

Also, as an Airbnb host (see my units at and landlord myself, not only do I try to take care of other people's property like it's my own, but I've actually been taking notes on what I like and don't like so I can one day myself become... TA-DA! A Super Host!

Life Motto? I rather live richly than die rich. (Although why not both?)

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