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Why is Houfy free?

Hopefully this will explain you better WHY Houfy is free.

  • Houfy is free because we are still very much developing the site. We need all of you to check on things.. for example in Europe our members use Pounds and Euro's. The calculations are different. There are 100s of little issues we fix/change/edit etc.
  • The same is true for our social site, there are many little things going on there..
  • I do not know where to spend any funds received. I really dislike spending funds on a highway billboard and not getting any return out of it.. I just do not know.
  • Spending funds on facebook ads - does that really work? I do not know.. I tested it and I was absolutely not happy with the results.. So, we all and I need to figure out a way HOW we can use funds in the BEST way possible to gain MAXIMUM return. This is something we'll need to research the next few years.

I will refuse to spend any signifiant funds to promote your listings.. There have been NO large investments made in any short term vacation rental marketplace businesses for many reasons and I think I understand that very well. (It would be an extremely risky investment with a very low probability of success as the marketing expenses are soooo high)

Once we start charging for certain services within our site, I promise I will share our Income & Expenses with all of you. Houfy for me is a group project. I need to make it succeed. And this has nothing to do with personal financial gain or selling Houfy out to some other company.. Houfy is not for sale.

We will continue making Houfy better every day with all of the comments in our facebook group/e-mails we receive and private messages. This takes time and I hope many of you have the patience to stay and watch the development.

Houfy is continuing to grow at for us a perfect pace. Listings are being added every day and we are seeing inquiries come in with some being redirected to members own websites. Since a few months we are seeing direct bookings as well for the connected members which is VERY exiting!

For now, we will focus on our product and try to make Houfy one of the best/most user friendly direct VR websites out there.

Thx T.

Monday, January 21, 2019

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