Why am I NOT getting any traction/bookings on Houfy?

Houfy is a platform designed to take full control of your property(s). Your place Your rules.

a year ago
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Houfy is work in progress and is still very much being designed as we write this. Houfy is a project FREE for anyone to use and does NOT charge fees/listing fees/commissions. Houfy does as of right now NOT earn any funds and does NOT have the 100s of Millions needed to market listings worldwide.

Houfy is a grass roots movement to promote direct bookings without "service" fees/commissions.

This requires owners and managers to promote their listings themselves.

Why do some members get bookings and others not? Here some examples:

  1. Updated price/pictures/text ----------> Outdated pictures/pricing/text
  2. Updated Calendar -------------> Outdated calendar
  3. Connected to Stripe/Square --------------> Did not connect a payment method
  4. Use the Houfy booking/messaging system -----------> Forward inquiries to my own website
  5. Market my Houfy listing ---------------> I do not market/share my Houfy listing(s)
  6. Spend 15-30 minutes a week on Houfy --------------> Hoping something will happen

What can you do?

Spend a little time on Houfy and share your listing socially/with friends/previous clients. Find out what others are doing to get bookings and Houfy dances in our Facebook Group. Ask questions and GO For IT! 🙂

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