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What is Houfy doing now?

At Houfy we have many things to do.. smile

As you all know, Swapnil and I are working full time on Houfy and filter our to do list as per urgency. If any of you have a suggestion or see errors, please inform and we'll add it to the list. (Our list is HUGE as Houfy is NOT "just" a normal vacation rental marketplace)

Urgent to do: February 2019

  • Import Story - Links - Test API & Stories/Guides with members (Week 3)
  • Better Messaging system Houfy, including e-mails + easy view of e-mail direct, rental agreement & attachments to e-mails + What's App/Notification - Messaging system - reminder e-mails incl. cancellation - check android
  • Oceana - Touch screen
  • API Embed - create our own program.
  • Second server for 100% up time - Activity too much right now
  • Deposit - add to payment!/Check cancellation
  • Houfy settings & notifications
  • E-mail Members (Booking Cut off/Update Seasons/Pricing/Pics/Square reconnect/Newsletter)

March 2019

  • API (Houfy) - Connect with OwnerRez (Chris/Nikki) (1 week?)
  • Change logged in/out layout - Homepages (ongoing)
  • Houfy Legal Docs - (ongoing) - Try fixing all per April 1
  • Ip monitor & reset & currency per location
  • Check back up listing - do via e-mail/verification not online..

April 2019

  • Multi room and shared spaces (1 week)
  • VRBO/Airbnb Pricing Sync
  • Multiple Calendar (Property managers)
  • Check Destination (Playa del Carmen/Family Friendly)

Edit Listing:

  • Pricing - check daily taxes/fees for European users
  • Amenities/Activities - add/reorder
  • Add settings/notifications/payment
  • Payment (Transferwise/Paypal and others - Q2/Q3)

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