Time & Houfy

I'm not sure if I have ever written about "Time"

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Time & Houfy

Time is interesting, time changes, time doesn't stop.

Cristina and I lived in Morocco for 7 years, a muslim country with a very different culture. We learned much about "TIME" in Morocco.

When purchasing something in mostly all Muslim countries, the process can be lengthy, a discussion starts about pricing, sometimes with a glass of tea. The quality of the product is being discussed in length, then comes the price and the comparisons. "Fixed" pricing does not really exist. Mostly all prices on products are negotiated!

Moroccans have a fantastic phrase: We have the time, you have the clock!

Please take a moment to think about this!

What does time have to do with Houfy?

We decided Houfy should be free to list on forever. This is disruptive! Why? Because we, Houfy, have the time. . And every day we have new members signing up and adding listings. Every day is the important note here. Every day, we make Houfy better, and every day new members join. This process has an exponential factor. We, Houfy, will continue to make Houfy better and better every day for the next few years including:

  • Connections to Channel Managers
  • An easy solution for small hotels to add their listings/rooms
  • Embed payment systems/booking process to members own websites
  • and much much more

Houfy is a network: a very interconnected system with quite some potential, we believe. This will take time and time we have! Swapnil has time, I have time, do you?

Most people in our world (western world) do not realize how precious time can be. What do you spend your time on? There are many self help books out there talking about: taking action, doing things, time management etc. The best advise I have learned is this little phrase: "we have the time, you have the clock" and it took me at least 5 Years to understand this!!!!

We at Houfy have the time and do not work with a clock!

Please take your time to learn about Houfy, time we have, you have, we all have. Take your time means take your time. Houfy is not going anywhere, we will be there for you.

Thanks T

Time & Houfy
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Time & Houfy
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