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David Pinardi:

David Pinardi: "Google rank isn't static ( at times can be very volatile) and it varies by location and device. Same text can impact Google ranking ... but isn't a huge penalty on sites like HOUFY. It also takes a fair amount of time for Google to value content.


  • (quality) Links TO Houfy - help Houfy.
  • (quality) Links TO your Houfy listing help your listing and Houfy.

These links can be from places like Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, etc and trustworthy web sites ... like your local Chamber of Commerce, travel bloggers, local/national news web sites etc.

Above all, remember, if it was easy everybody would be #1 on Google ; ) It takes time and strategy and a longterm commitment to high quality implementation."

Google looks at a variety of things - but in general it rewards unique high-quality content. 1st published - does play a factor. So, should you post first to HOUFY or second? If you're performing these tasks on the same day ... it shouldn't really matter to Google. There will be other factors that push one post/guide above another. Hope this helps. Quality ... original content. Make your site mobile friendly. Create well thought out - helpful content. "Sprinkle" some on your site and some on HOUFY - as 1st published. And if you have time ... reach out to other sites/bloggers and share your post/guide. If they share it ... that is much bigger than post date!

Testing will take months and months. Nothing happens quickly with Google. But by focusing on quality ... you'll eventually see things ranking well.

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