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Feb 23, 2019 . 2 min read

Please be advised: Swapnil and I & with the help of many of our members are creating Houfy. This is a large project and requires a LOT of TIME, THINKING, FUNDS, EFFORT and TESTING. We are striving for a perfect Houfy for all members, including owners/property managers and especially the guests or potential guests! And this unfortunately requires some "guidelines"..

I never really read "terms and conditions", nor booking guarantee, insured up to 1 MLN and all the other "nonsense".. however: We need to make this document (Terms & Conditions) for Houfy and make it as correct as possible. I would like to do this without legal advice for the moment.

WHY? NR 1) understand it and NR 2) save $ on legal fees, so a lawyer can easily edit the document in the future.

Vacation rental marketplace - Owner & Manager guidelines:

A) Your listing:

  • Keep your listing updated with correct pictures, pricing and an updated calendar
  • Listings with outdated pricing will be hidden from our marketplace in the future
  • To ensure the best guest experience (Trust in Houfy), you agree to not charge a higher nightly rate nor fees on Houfy than you do on any other listing sites.

B) Responding to inquiries: In order to improve guest experience:

  • Please add all your listings to Houfy. Forwarding guests to your own site with a message: the current listing is unavailable, but we have more here.. XYZ rentals .com will result in Houfy hiding your listing until all other listings have been added to Houfy with updated calendars and pricing.
  • Repeatedly responding: we only rent from Saturdays to Saturdays could result in Houfy hiding your listing until you updated your listing. (Update changeover dates)
  • Repeatedly responding: our property is not available will result in a hidden listing (Update calendar)
  • Repeatedly responding: our prices are not correct will result in a hidden listing (Update pricing)

C) Other:

  • We ask you kindly to post your Houfy listing link on social sites before posting an Airbnb or VRBO link, we do understand you are free to do whatever you want outside Houfy.
  • Falsely accusing Houfy of being a scam, or in any other extreme negative way will result in Houfy "blacklisting" you. The moment you join Houfy, your IP will be Blocked until Houfy receives proof of removal/redaction of your public comments.

Hopefully together with all of you we can make these Guidelines for all Houfy users & members in a correct/friendly & useful way.

Thanks Thijs

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