Corporate Retreat ROI

These days we have endless technology that allows us to collaborate work on projects but never meet in person. That leaves is with the question, what is the value of face time?

In this day and age it is more of a question of- how can corporate retreat NOT help your company and benefit your employees. 


There are staggering evidence on why company retreats can help build a successful company and bring co workers closer together. 

These types of retreats, whether it is just a weekend get away to get your employees out of the stress of the office and closer to each other or if it is a specific reason like an awards ceremony or ground-breaking ceremony to even a skills workshop for self improvement. Any of these reasons would make it a great idea to form a company retreat at a get away like Zinntopia. 

According to the HuffPost- “Team retreats are a growing trend in the corporate world. There are so many benefits.. that even smaller companies are thinking about how they can take the office out of the office for a weekend or even just a day” Granted these retreats may not be a hail Mary for a failing company but when used correctly, they can really be an advantage to any type of company. 

Right now everything out there is geared to the individual- making it hard and not appealing to get out and do things together! 

Having a company retreat will bring people back to feeling like they are not only part of a team but part of a family- their work family! Reminding people they are not alone and that there is a team beside them, can bring out the best in them while in your office. 

These retreats are a great time to bring up team morale but also to give time for each person to reflect. They can look back on what they have accomplished and what flaws they may be able to improve. 

Some people may even completely surprise you and you may find a hidden talent in someone who would have otherwise been shy and closed off to offering their ideas. 

These are just a few reasons why taking your team out of the office can benefit your company. Re-energizing can be a breath of fresh air and may be very needed for some of your team- more than you may realize. 

Reach out to us here at Zinntopia to start planning your next company retreat today~! 

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