Let's talk marketing! or advertising!

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I did some numbers yesterday for my 2018 taxes and thought let me ask on Houfy..

Let's talk marketing! or advertising!

What is my time worth?

Let's talk marketing! or advertising!

I know Julie wrote an article to list on as many websites as you can.. hmm..

I see these sites with texts like:

  • we are committed to providing you
  • easy-to-use interface
  • ever-growing database
  • we will run the advertisement to do this and that..
  • list with us for only $225 a year! and get all of this for free!
  • we currently have millions of travelers visiting our site
  • we can help you make a site for free, and give you those resources for free
  • for just $89 you can add this option and you'll get that for free
  • our customer service team is always available to help
  • we'll extend your listing for free
  • "Our Story": we have many degrees and experiences in the business..
  • our goal is to become the number one source for vacation properties
  • Get our special rate of $75 per year if you sign up for TWO years!
  • as we grow in listings, so will the number of travelers that use our site
  • that is why you can get started for free and enjoy a low annual subscription rate?

I just need bookings!

What is my time worth Julie?

  • How fast are these sites growing?
  • What kind of an interface do these sites have? Wordpress or other?
  • How much traffic do these sites get?
  • What is their marketing plan? How can I see what is happening for my listing?

It seems Houfy is quite open about all of this..



Ask the owners of these companies, very simple. I'm working on my list of recommended sites. Once Ok, I'll inform. Be careful with the 5 inquiry guarantee thing..as well..

4 years ago
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Last modified: 4 years ago
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