Idea to get direct bookings:

Stephanie Libes Cole is celebrating success. (01.17.18)

Booked an $8400 week from traffic on Facebook. Posted an ad (free) to Facebook Marketplace and to 10 Buy and Sell groups. How did this work?

Most of the groups (you have to join first) are in my local area and in my rental area. I plan to join groups in big cities where most of my renters come from next. They have added the category "Vacation Rental" and I wrote the add for just the 2 weeks we had guests cancel due to illness. I think showing the exact price (with tax) for just 2 weeks was key. (I edited my rate to be a bit higher, but a round number with tax.)

I also added a link to my Houfy page for them to visit. People started sharing or tagging friends or relatives and visiting the site. The person who rented actually called me. I was able to verify him and he was able to verify me.

More communication = More trust = More bookings

Have also had a call from a local neighbor who saw my post in Nextdoor. If you aren't on Nextdoor, see if your area has it.

4 years ago
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