I don't get it

I was confused the other day, so started watching Netflix. Today I don't get it.

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I don't get it

That guy (T) is writing about stories and posts, what is the big deal? I don't get it ..

I have an investment property for my retirement near Pensacola Beach (FL) and listed my place on several websites, including Homeaway/VRBO, Airbnb, Flipkey (Tripadvsior), ECBYO, Florida Rental by Owners & my own website, which shows on page 12! of Google.

Why would I sign up with Houfy too? It's a waste of my time! I need to update my rates, sync calendar and add my listing. I just do not have the time for this. I need to watch my Netflix and check on my WhatsApp messages. Oh, and I need to update my pictures I think. The last time I did this was like 3 or 4 years ago.. (I'm really not in the mood.. oh and taking pictures with my new Iphone is also sooo complicated..) Oh, and adding the pictures to these sites is a total pain in the neck.

The big 3 or 4 (OTA's, Online Travel Agencies) work pretty well for me. I get about 75% of my bookings from them. The guests feel secure with all their "guarantees" and most of my guests are very happy using them. My guests really do not care much about the "service fees" being added for using their sites, I think.. , I should actually ask them, maybe..

There are no other sites for my guests, I will wait with adding my listing to Houfy until I hear more about them. And this idea of the guy (T) working on the beach with his flip flops doesn't sound too good to me. They don't even have a marketing plan like ECBYO or Florida Rental by Owners. At least ECBYO and FRbO charge me a listing fee and are able to use my funds to market my place with billboards, facebook and google ads. Hopefully I will get some more inquiries from them.

This Houfy for free thing doesn't sit well with me either.. I don't get it. How can they possibly get the word out, without any listing fees? What is this contest they are talking about? I don't get that? And sharing Thursday sounds like a bunch on nonsense..

I see on these facebook groups, bookings are down because the market is saturated, what does that mean? I don't get it. My bookings indeed are down.. I hope it will pick up soon, I need to pay my mortgage and save a for the repairs. Maybe I should spend some time on my listing and check my pictures and pricing? Hmm, I'm not in the mood, oh, Julie just sent me a PM and I need to reply to Jackie's inquiry otherwise VRBO hides my listing.. This is becoming stressful.. Warning, warning.. reply now or we hide your listing.. What a stress this is giving me.. I don't get that either!

Let me just keep on doing what I do. 12 Reasons to join Houfy: I'll look at that when I have more time. Oh, John just PM'd me and Rickie posted in my favorite Facebook group.. let me check.. Sharing this post or story or whatever they call it? How do I do that? I don't get it..

I don't get it
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Posted 01/20/2019 by T.

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