How does "write story" work?

May 13, 2018 . 1 min read

Writing a story looks a LOT nicer than a regular post. I use regular posts for quick references.

At Share a story you can add multiple links, pictures and format text.

For example: Select text or right click..

Or let's try adding embedding a link:

How to post/create a guide and add to a listing
Houfy is a new concept called a market network. Market networks combine elements of social sites with marketplaces. (Think Facebook/Pinterest/Twitter combined with Airbnb/VRBO/Zillow/Realtor) We made Houfy for you to share local knowledge around your place with your guests and prospective guests. Posting works similar as to Facebook.

And there is the preview of the embedded link

Add an image: Click on plus or drag drop..

Happy Mother's Day
Happy Mother's Day

What can you do with this?

An example might be: Guide: Summer Activities. You would like to add all the golf courses near my place in 1 post. Write a story would be a great way to create this article. Another story you could add to Summer Activities might be about best hiking trips nearby.

For Guide B: Restaurant Guide, Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner or Italian/Top 10 restaurants could be 4 stories collected into the Guide. 3 best restaurant places, 5 Lunch, 8 Dinner places to go to etc.

Once clicking post, you will see this pop up:

You can tag the story and make it private if you choose to.

I am using "story" to write this document for your information. I will file in Houfy Help Guide Social. This to find the story back easily. I can edit this story whenever I want.

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