Houfy Update, January 27, 2019

Good morning and Happy Houfy Sunday!

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Houfy Update, January 27, 2019

Congratulations! Michelle Pearson, Ria Meade Malinak, Laureen Berglund with 3 Houfy bookings, Nancy Martin Berlin & Anne Boyle!

We have no idea who contacted you directly outside of our system.

Congratulations Melissa Straley with over 7000 views on your listing! & becoming our first 2019 member of the month!

We are super exited our hard work looks like it is paying off for quite a few of you this month. Thank you for sharing your successes in our Facebook member group. This really motivates us.

Houfy Update, January 27, 2019

Traffic has picked up quite a bit since January 1! Thanks for sharing your guides and listings socially. This is the ONLY way Houfy is getting the word out. Houfy is a social site and slowly and steadily growing mainly with the help of all of you, our Houfies, our community.

Thank you!

We are convinced by making a great product, Houfy might have a chance to become an interesting site for all of us. Houfy will stay for free for the foreseeable future as we are very much in the development stages and only focussed on improving our product/site!

What can you do? Please have a look at your expired seasons, pricing, pictures and your calendar sync. Please also review your profile. Are you verified? Do you have a picture? Guests are searching on our site now and please think about them, give them a good experience please.

Starting Friday February 1: Monthly Contest! with small prizes.

We chose BookDirect week for a serious contest! Have a look at this link for more details:

Houfy Update, January 27, 2019
Chance to win $1000 Amazon gift certificate at Houfy - Updated Jan 23, 2019
Most viewed listings per new IP for the week Feb 4-10 2019! It will be #Bookdirect day on February 6th 2019 Hi Houfies, at Houfy #Bookdirect is every day.. However: early February 6th is #Bookdirect day! We will be holding our 2nd Contest for Houfy:...

We prefer to spend our marketing budget on contests than promoting Houfy through Facebook/Google ads and BillBoards/Banners etc. We have tried a tiny bit late last year without much success. We will need to find the best way to market Houfy without spending significant funds on ads.

Thanks Houfies for helping us so much!

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