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Houfy Planning

Updated: March 12, 2019

Below a basic plan of what we will be doing this year: 2019

Many of you know we constantly change our plans.. below gives you a bit of an idea..

Q1 2019:

OwnerRez - Chris + Check Family Friendly (Specialty Site/others)

- Stories & Import Stories
- Lodging Fixes - clean up.
- Notifications + automated e-mails
- Remove/hide listings (Non verified/No calendar etc.)

Q2 2019

- Destination Sites (Yes, sorry 1 year late..)

- Multi-Room listings (Small Hotels)

- Real estate Fixes + Import (Zillow/others)

- PMS systems - Managers - multi-calendar/pricing - Beyond pricing/Ownerrez/Others
- Reservations check
- Houfy member ownership (Basics)
- Change Layout homepage + sorted tags/guides of members

Q3 2019
- Test destination sites
- Terms/Conditions etc. Trademarks/Legal/EU etc.
- Additional Payment systems - Bitcoin/Paypal etc.
- Check Home2Go others + adding listings..

Q4 2019
- Blockchain Houfy stock/share ownership/verification etc. - Check Airbnb/SEC - Option to buy Houfy Stock directly.
- Auto pricing based on historical data.

- Houfy App

Pricing: Houfy will be free to list on forever.. Our number 1 priority is to create a great website/product first.

Thank you very much for supporting us.

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