Sep 13, 2019

Houfy new search bar

We changed our search bar to prepare for the future..

Currently we show:

  • Lodging location
  • Listings with number (This is quite practical if you need to check your listing)
  • Name of members
  • Guides & Topics

Sep 16, 2019

One of my properties is in Grand Isle, VT. My neighbor is the only other Grand Isle, VT property on Houfy. While logged into Houfy and when I search just "Grand Isle" (no VT specified), I get the following list to choose from:

Lodging: Grand Isle, LA, USA

Lodging: Grand Isle, VT, USA

Sandy Cove House Grand Isle, VT Lodging Listing

See all results for grand isle

So I chose the bottom option to see all results.

The next page that came up was titled "People (0)" and beneath that, apparent tabs where one was labeled "People" with a blue underscore indicating I'm on that tab now and "Listings". I clicked on "Listings" and the title change to "Listings (0)" and the "Listings" tab was now underscored with a blue line, indicating the active tab.

I would have at least expected to see both mine and my neighbors listings in the Listings tab, since both are in Grand Isle, VT. I don't know if there are any Grand Isle, LA properties, but I would have expected they'd show up too.

I believe that there is a problem with the "Search" function since the "See all results for grand isle" doesn't return any listings in the listings tab.

If in the first Search results set I selected "Lodging: Grand Isle, VT, USA", both mine (1545) and my neighbor's property showed up as expected.

Sep 17, 2019

Thanks Susan, let me check on this

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