Houfy going forward: Any ideas welcome


- Create P2P marketplace - BOOK DIRECT

- Social network - members sharing local information /guides - linked to listings

- Website creation (Single listing/Multiple listings + mini Houfy's for local destination, regional markets and specialty sites)

- Direct P2P Payment system for Single and Multiple listing sites

- Facebook Groups (Managers/Ambassadors) promoting mini Houfy's with Maps, shared posts etc.

(Direct + Blockchain)

- Invite friends/clients

- Mini Houfy's (Local sites) receive (80-20)/(Stock options) split in Income to further promote

- Foreign Languages (FR/ESP/GR/ITA/JP)

- Competitions with prices

- Smart contracts - Rental/Real estate - Blockchain

- Smart contracts - verifying members - Blockchain

2019 (Tokens or Trading system)

- advertising system

- check algorithm for listings - most active/guides move up?

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