Houfy: Call for ACTION!

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Posted in a Say No to VRBO Service fees Facebook Group on May 03 2018.

Houfy: Call for ACTION!

Are you upset? At VRBO/AirBnB/Tripadvisor? Are they charging too much? You can not communicate directly? No more inquiries? What are you doing about it?

Really.. what are you doing?

Updated pictures/pricing and made a website, FB page, marketing on Google and instagram, joined some free and paid sites..

Do you believe marketing your own site/FB page will have any impact? Do you believe a state site with 50-300 listings will have any impact? Or a local site with 100-2000 listings?

Please think about it!

What can we ALL do about this? We are 5000+ members..

I believe we should ALL get together and DO something. Help each other out! I created Houfy.com, and you might think.. It will never work.. OK. Or join a regional site and test it.. OK.

But really.. what is your problem?

You do not like the look of Houfy? The owner? It will get sold anyway? What are you thinking??? Houfy is testing, not marketing.. etc. etc. It takes 10 seconds to add your listing.. (Click here)

Houfy: Call for ACTION!
Import your listin

Let’s get together and as a group promote something.. Promoting your own website is not going to change much. Maybe some return guests will book direct .. Do you really believe promoting your own website www. xyz .com is going to change much?

I am like all of you a homeowner and the commissions paid to the big 4 is NOT really the problem. The problem is that we can not communicate with guests anymore! The rates are set 10-20% commissions and there is NOTHING you can do about it! Nothing!

I support all of you trying to find a solution, but be clear and truthful please. I have mentioned and promoted other sites/people in this group and at this stage I believe we should team up and get going. I understand some of you do not work for free.

I have created Houfy with lots of love and passion. There will be no way I will sell Houfy to any company. I have and am spending $ and my time on Houfy to make it better every day + we use some SERIOUS technology! Unlike all the others I see out there!!! (There is a reason you can buy airbnb/vrbo “clones/scripts” for 600-800$!)

Houfy will be free forever! Houfy will be a group project. Sitting back and waiting for inquiries to come in will NOT work with Houfy. Houfy requires participation/action and SHARING.

This is call for action! Alone you will not be able to do it. Together we can!

Message me anytime, I am mostly online and can answer all your questions. We do not have any secrets.

Thanks Thijs. (Tice) - I'm just a normal/honest guy trying to fix a problem and I have not asked anyone of you for $.

Houfy is Houfy and will be there for you!

Join! Take Action! NOW!

Houfy: Call for ACTION!

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