Houfy and the chicken or the egg dilemma?

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The Cause and Effect dilemma expresses the difficulty of sequencing actions where each seems to depend on others being done first.

Houfy and the chicken or the egg dilemma?

"I'm not going to list with Houfy, there are no listings in my city."

"I will wait until it starts working"

"It is never going to work, they don't have the money to market.."

"He should only focus on a marketplace for vacation rentals by owner!" Like VRBO used to be! What is this social site anyway?"

"He doesn't know what he is doing, he is mostly in Mexico and they are just a team of 2!"

"They don't even have an office nor any listings.."

I have heard it all, and thank you!

Just today a friend dropped by:

J: How is Houfy? I see others are getting bookings & inquiries, why not me?

T: When was the last time you went on Houfy?

J: The last time I went on Houfy was a while ago when you sent me an e-mail to check on my listing, it all looked fine, pictures are perfect, pricing is correct, text is good, and my calendar is synced.

T: Did you share your listing anywhere? Did you create any posts/stories or make guides?

J: No, what is that? And why would I share my listing? It's like sending people to other places..

T explained a tiny bit

J: Oh, I'm going to make my own website and post that, actually buy Google ad words and get bookings like that.

T: OK, did you make one?

J: No, not yet; it will take me like a day or so..

J: You need to educate the guests about the high booking fees

T: How would I do that?

J: I don't know..

T: Did you know the members who get bookings are mostly the ones who shared their listing and created guides? Some other members might have gotten bookings because of them sharing..

J: Oh.. I understand now.. hmm - interesting concept.

Houfy is designed from day 1 to "indirectly" send a message.. Houfy is all about sharing local information and NOT the marketplaces.. The listings & marketplace is a side business of ours.. "Indirectly" people might stumble on your listing because of reading a Houfy post, which by the way might have been shared by another member! And THAT is what Houfy is all about. Sharing, sharing & sharing - Share the new local restaurants, share what happens around your home.. share a post you see from someone else, share your favorite places you go to when you are at your vacation rental.

This is information what your guests want to know! They already picked your place by looking at the pictures. (and I sure hope for you they are updated on ALL sites)

At Houfy you can add the information you share very easily to your listing. This will make your listing look nicer and your information will be available on the www.

You can always edit/delete/change the posts/stories and guides!

It is my job to educate all of you and see if this will work. It looks promising!

Did you know Houfy started with 1 listing? Then 5, 10, 50, 100 etc. As per today: 2788 activated listings on our vacation rental marketplace.

Houfy and the chicken or the egg dilemma?

Where do you think we will be next year? Wouldn't it be great to have a site like Houfy function perfectly for direct bookings? You receive 5, 10, 20, 40, 80% of your bookings from Houfy in the future? How can we get there? Together maybe?

Our mission is clear: Share Local Information and Connect Direct

Thank you for sharing your Houfy listing once in a while!

Thanks T.

Monday, Jan 21, 2019

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