EASY comes and goes

What is EASY at Houfy?

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EASY comes and goes

  • Easy is when you do something 10X, the 11th time will mostly be easy!
  • Easy is when you add your listing to a vacation rental marketplace and wait for inquiries to come in. You and or your guests are paying for their service to you, so it should be the owners of these marketplaces' job to get you the inquiries/bookings!
  • Easy is to share your home listing in the Florida Rental Group on Facebook and take the easy one, share the AIRBNB or VRBO listing!
  • Easy is to "like" posts

You know what is really easy?!! To tip your waiter at the restaurant for his services. In the larger metropolitan areas in the US, the tip increased with options.. You can now choose to pay: 15, 18, 20, 22, 25 % for the services of your waiter and his team. You just mark the correct % and click enter. (Easy pay) In most cases the choice is 15, 18, 22 and I'm trained to tip, so pay the middle one, even when the services are not so well. Sometimes, the 18% is already included and in quite a few cases the 15% doesn't even exist anymore.

In Mexico, I believe the tip is around 10% depending where you eat, in Morocco the left over coins.

Did you know: when eating at a restaurant in Morocco and you give the waiter 10-20$ in advance, you will get the best service you have ever seen!

I call it the out of the box tip!

At Houfy we are trying our very best to make things easy for you, from importing your listing, syncing reviews, embedding, to writing a story, ("Importing a story"), & creating guides.

Unfortunately to make all of this easy, is complicated, complex and difficult work. This takes time and we have time at Houfy. Sometimes we hear, ahh.. making a website like that is easy.. or getting listings is easy.. or educating guests to book direct is easy.. Or even better: Ahh.. that (Houfy) is never going to work.. I love that one it's the easiest one!

As easy as it is to tip a waiter and to pay direct, and being trained to do so, as hard as it is to educate (train) people around us to book their rental direct on an easy platform with inventory!

We will try our very best to make this, we will need time, patience, luck, hard work and much involvement from our members. Only then, Houfy might work for all of us!

Thanks easy T (Smile)

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Last modified: 4 years ago
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