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Do you have a good idea for Houfy?

We listen to all ideas.

When you program a site like Houfy, there are no limitations. We can add/adjust or change anything you wish for. Houfy is "man made" and there are truly no limitations to what can be programmed. Some ideas take more time than others; we are listening.

Please comment below and we will check it out..

Thanks Thijs & Swapnil.

03-29-2019 4:40 PM

Having listed in the last month I really wish you well. My little property is in the Brecon Beacons Wales. Whilst I appreciate your site is predominately USA/Caribbean there are a few of us joining from around the world. Anyway would it be possible for the home page to start showing some of these randomly under a seperate heading rather than just pictures of the USA ones. I am sure this would help you grow a worldwide audience. I am keen to write about my area in the guides and will happily do so, beware!

03-30-2019 1:51 PM

Yes, Valerie. We will work on that in April/May. Thanks Thijs

03-29-2019 5:52 PM

I have been working hard writing Stories on Houfy, but having some cluny problems with editing. I am not sure yet if it is just more user education I need or if it is just a still-basic editor. One exampe: If I accidentally delete the nice large text title or subtitle, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get it back (no undo command). If I retype the title, it will only retype in small font size (no way to increase text size). Second exmaple: If I insert photos, I must first edit them outside of the story and estimate the appropriate size to resize them, then insert into the story, only to find them too large or too small and have to leave the editor again, resize outside of Houfy, and reinsert again. Is it just me or is it just an early stage editor that is a little cumbersome? I love what I see so far in Houfy and look forward to helping in grow and being successful.

04-02-2019 3:16 AM

Command or Control Z will do the trick to go back when accidentally deleting text/pic etc. We are still very early with programming Tina. We will get there. Thanks Thijs & Swapnil.

03-29-2019 5:55 PM

This may already be on your to-do list, but I will post it here since you've asked for what we would like to see. Some of us have the need to charge a per person fee (in my case, it is for linen service). We cannot include that optional fee to our Houfy listings at this time.

04-02-2019 3:17 AM

Yes, in Europe, many owners have special tax per night/per person. We'll check on these once a bit further.

03-29-2019 6:04 PM

Currently, Houfy asks for tax rate. If we have a state and local tax, we add the two rates together. It would be much easy for owners if we could list and show each tax separately, because we will must split out all line items charged to a guest (rent, cleaning, state tax, local tax, etc) into individual line items in our accounting software. If Houfy already has the costs itemized, and reported individually, then we don't have to do the math for every reservation we get. The other problem that may also necessitate this change is when the different taxing authorities tax different items. For example, the state tax may consider rent and service fees (linen, cleaning, etc) taxable, whereas the local tax may only consider the rent taxable from a Room tax perspective. It is therefore not even possible to collect the right amount of rent for both authorities with one flat percentage charged. This is a smaller item to-do in the grand scheme of things, perhaps, but may be quickly problematic for a particular owner when a local taxing authority decides to do an audit. Thank you.

04-02-2019 3:17 AM

Remind me on this one. We can program anything we want.

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