Best Places to get Coffee on Folly Beach

Best Places to get Coffee on Folly Beach

Morning has arrived. It’s a beautiful sun-drenched day. Or it’s rainy and slightly chilly. No matter. You need that cup of java. Luckily, there are several establishments on Folly that will cater to your coffee craving. And they are all within walking distance of our town home at Water’s Edge.

Black Magic Cafe: We love their coffee. It’s full-bodied and rich. You can get a consistently good cup here. Pick up some croissants or muffins to go with it.

Lost Dog Cafe: Our favorite breakfast spot. We come quite often when we’re at Folly so we could probably walk there blindfolded. Their coffee fills the bill - it is robust (no watery stuff here!)

Center Street Coffee: This small shop on Center Street serves espresso, cappuccino, Americano, lattes, cold brew, as well as pastries. The Turkish coffee flavored with cardamom provides a delicious jolt. There are some tables outside and a few seats and a counter inside, or grab your coffee and go.

Roasted: Location, location, location. If you’re about to take a walk on the beach, or if you’ve just completed your walk, head in to the Tides Hotel next to the pier. Tucked into the left side of the lobby with a big window overlooking the beach is Roasted, which serves Starbucks coffee, along with an assortment of baked goods. There are some tables where you can sit and enjoy your brew with a view.

Berts: This 24-hour market on East Ashley packs a lot in its space. Here you’ll find organic produce, beer on tap, gourmet sandwiches, soaps, flip flops, and much more. It’s a unique island grocery worthy of its own article, so stay tuned. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention: free coffee.

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