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1) Why is Houfy different?

A) Marketplace - Lodging

1) Direct communication - no hidden phone/e-mail/sites etc in messaging systems.

2) Direct payment - no need for Online marketplaces, current technology makes it "easy" to create similar sites + payment systems are much better than years ago. Think Stripe/Paypal etc. and in the future Blockchain.

3) System to add reservations from different sites in stead of excel sheets

4) Reminders - payments due etc.

B) Marketplace - RE , incl. long term rentals

1) Broker fees, cut at least 1/2 - by adding listing connecting buyer/seller or RE agent directly.

2) RE agent/Seller can create local guides & share with clients/friends etc.

C) Social:

1) Make & Share guides = good for SEO of listing

2) Invite clients & friends = other side of market = demand

3) Rewards platform

D) Connected Sites:

1) single websites, small mgt company sites/ local sites. - needed own website - connected to database of "mother" Houfy.

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Last modified: 5 years ago
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